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20 Sexy Fat Brush Script Fonts for Your Vintage Designs

20 Sexy Fat Brush Script Fonts for Your Vintage Designs on

20 Sexy Fat Brush Script Fonts for Your Vintage Designs on

Fat brush strokes. Retro feel. Swirly swashes. Ligatures. That’s what makes up this list of Fat Brush Hand Lettered Scripts.

Well folks, every design blog’s got the obligatory favorite fonts posts, so I figured it was high time I jumped on the bandwagon and did one as well. My obsession with fat brush fonts all started with Mercury Script.

These display fonts were designed to command attention in large sizes. That’s why they were used (and still are) in advertising and sign-painting mainly in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

I think you’ll enjoy this collection of both premium and free fonts and may even download a few yourself!

Some links below may be affiliate links which means (at no additional cost to you) I’ll receive a small commission if you purchase using my link. I humbly thank you for your support.

Premium Fat Brush Scripts


Alek is a gorgeous upright brush script, it’s one of my favorites! Just look at those swashes! A fairly new font, it was designed in 2013 by Emil Karl Bertell.

Alek Brush Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Alek Brush Script, from $35

FYI, a swash is a flourish such as an exaggerated serif, and a ligature is when two characters are joined into one glyph by a single stroke.

Candy Script

Candy, designed by Alejandro Paul is inspired from window sign painting in Argentina. Don’t you just love those super thick brush strokes?

Candy Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Candy Script, $99

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella is a brand new font from Cindy Kinash and Charles Gibbons. This one has more of a rough, hand-drawn feel to it than the rest and it’s just beautiful!

, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Ciao Bella, from $29

Gelato Script

Dave Rowland designed this smooth and fat brush font that was inspired by both formal scripts and Mid-Century hand lettering.

Gelato Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Gelato Script, $59.69

Mercury Script

Loosely based on a vintage lingerie ad, here’s another one from Emil Karl Bertell. Mercury Script is the one that made me fall in love with this style.

Mercury Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Mercury Script, from $35

Salamander Script

Salamander Script is a thicker and more playful version of its counterpart, Mercury Script by the same designer.

Salamander Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Salamander Script, from $28

Style Script

Rob Leuschke designed this fairly new brush font that recalls advertising from the 50’s and 60’s. Use it in casual or formal designs.

Style Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Style Script, from $25

Superb Script

This groovy brand new font by Resistenza is based on real brush pen script and influenced by lettering from the 60’s and 70’s.

Superb Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Superb Script, from $34

Thirsty Script

You may recall my previous comparison of Thirsty Script to Wisdom Script and this font definitely fits in this category. Its hard edges add a little ‘newness’ to the otherwise vintage feel of this font. Designed by Yellow Design Studio.

Thirsty script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Thirsty script, $49

Wishes Script

This beautiful, romantic, flowing font by Sabrina Mariela Lopez is perfect for girlish designs. It even comes with a set of ribbon, heart and flower ornaments. This is a great one for wedding blogs!

Wishes Script, one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Wishes Script, from $32

Free Fat Brush Fonts

If the above fonts are blowing your budget, here are some fabulous alternative fonts that are free, yay!


Inspired by the flowing forms of a sign painter’s camel hair brush, Arizonia was created and free for you to use.

Arizonia, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Arizonia, free from Google Fonts


The name says it all. You could see this in a logo on a baseball jersey, can’t you?

, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Ballpark Weiner, free from


Channel is a more refined brush script with a very retro, streamline feel.

Channel, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Channel is free!

Cookie Script

Cookie is based on brush calligraphy and has a 50’s pin-up sort of feel to it. Sweet and friendly but not too crazy.

Cookie Script, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Cookie Script, free from Google Fonts


Based on lettering found on Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District. Designed by James T. Edmonson.

UPDATE: I should note that “Lavanderia isn’t actually free, it’s pay-what-you-want for personal, non-profit, or educational use. For commercial use it’s $60.00.”

Lavanderia, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Lavanderia, free from Lost Type

Leckerli One

A bit irregular, but fun, this fat hand-lettered font is best for shorter sentences. Designed by Gesine Todt.

Leckerli One, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Leckerli One, free from Google Fonts

Mission Script

Condensed, casual, sweet, and sincere. A celebration of the brush. Designed by James T. Edmonson.

Mission Script, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Mission Script, free from Lost Type


Inspired by the 50s American surf culture, this fun and popular font is great for headlines and titles. Designed by Vernon Adams.

Pacific, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Pacifico, free from Google Fonts


A brush calligraphic font by Fontscafe, Voluptate isn’t entirely free but it has a free demo version without capital letters. Get the full version of Voluptate here. $39+

Voluptate, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Voluptate, free from

Wisdom Script

James T. Edmonson does it again with his super popular Wisdom Script, the font that Thirsty Script (above) is based on. This hard-edged script uses a beautiful music treble clef for the letter S. I’m sure you see this one around a lot!

Wisdom Script, a free font is one of 20 beautiful fat brush scripts at

Wisdom Script, free from Lost Type


These lovely brush scripts work fabulously in logos, signage and are wonderful when placed on top of images. Try them on your Facebook or Twitter cover image. Some of them could also work well as post title fonts if paired with a thin, condensed font for the body copy.

Sooo…did you like it? Should I do more font round-ups or are these overplayed? Or just tell us which ones you’re downloading! Please let me know in the comments below!

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  • Caroline says:

    This is a lovely collection. I like Style Script (as well as Mercury Script), but then I have an interest in calligraphy so that could explain it too.
    I do have a question – how do you organise your fonts? With over..err..well, lets just say lots, it takes for ever to scroll through them. Any suggestions are welcome!
    Caroline recently posted…2 Warning Signs That You’re Not Resizing Photos ProperlyMy Profile

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Caroline, I’m glad you liked the collection! I too love those fonts, just those beautiful perfect curves…. love em!

      You know that is a great question! I don’t have a way of organizing them. I wish I did, but I end up just scrolling through them in Photoshop. I’m sure there is some sort of extension for Photoshop that could help… hmmm now you’ve got me thinking!

      I used to download all sorts of free fonts, but now I try to only do that if I really love it and that keeps my collection a little more manageable. I also try to be picky about where I download them from too and choose the higher quality ones over the cheap 1001 Free Fonts type sites.

      • Renata says:

        Hi Marianne!
        I’m new around here and I’m loving every post!
        About organizing fonts, I use Font Explorer X (from Linotype) – I could never live without it. The interface it’s pretty similar to iTunes – you make collections (like playlists), tag your fonts, use WYSIWYG preview, link styles. And it links (and automatically activate) fonts needed when you open any Adobe application. It’s not cheap (since it’s a professional tool), but for me, it’s worth every cent.

        • Marianne says:

          Thanks Renata for the tip! I’m sure it’s incredibly handy so I’ll be checking it out! I’m so glad you found me and like what you see so far 🙂

          • Renata says:

            Marianne, your posts are life saving! 🙂
            I’m a designer too, but (so old school) I just work with editorial (mostly art books). This journey through blogging have been really challenging – how I miss the control I have on print! (trying to learn a bit of CSS, let’s see if it gets better…).
            But your blog is a great inspiration while I’m trying to find my own tone, a not so formal language for my blog (a book blog, not ready yet), different from my usual design.
            Thank you and congrats on the great job!

    • look forward says:

      what so greats fonts thank you so mush you save my life
      check this font so brush its in my collection too realy in love with this one

  • I love the font round up! Keep them coming! I also liked your descriptions of where they were influenced from, fun!

    Headed to go download fonts!!

  • Kendra says:

    Being a fontaholic I found this a great post! One can never have too many wonderful fonts – especially scripts and especially free! Thank you for this this!
    Kendra recently posted…Success…what the hell is it?My Profile

    • Marianne says:

      Thanks Kendra, that’s good to know! I’m so glad because I do like having a collection of my faves here on the blog for my own reference!

  • Kim Doyal says:

    LOVE this list Marianne!
    I’ve used both Salamander and Pacifico. I’m digging Candy too. Going to have to download a few of these for sure!
    Kim Doyal recently posted…SIDEKICK for WordPress – A Total Game Changer: My Interview with Ben Fox WPCP: 043My Profile

  • Shelly says:

    What is the font you used in your heading graphic? “Fat Brush Scripts” I have been searching for a similar one for the last couple of days.

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