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Ditch the Mullet! 9 Hot Design Trends to Bring Your Blog Into 2015

9 Blog Design Trends of 2015! See them all on!
9 Blog Design Trends of 2015! See them all on!

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Having an outdated blog design could be making you appear untrustworthy.

It’s like going out in a mullet. Or bell bottom jeans.

It tells others you’re a little out of touch.

Truth is, our eyes get tired from seeing the same old trends and get thirsty for something new to delight them.

So how can you drop your blog’s mullet and bell bottoms and align with 2015? Read on m’dear…

Out with the Old, In with the New!

While some new trends are definitely coming out in full force this year, a few others that came out in the last year or two are actually gaining more momentum in 2015 and should be paid close attention to.

I know what you’re thinking: Trends are so fickle, if I jump on one I’ll have to redesign again sooner. Well love, despite the fact that you really ought to redesign (or at least update) every 2-4 years, the following trends are more classic than ultra-trendy, meaning they won’t embarrass you before it’s time for the next redo.

Some links in this post are affiliate links (denoted by a *) which means I receive a small commission if you purchase using that link. Read my full disclosure here.

Ok, let’s dive in!

1. All That Glitters Is Gold

Gold has made a huge comeback, not only in blogs but in both home and fashion design as well. That’s key to knowing it’s here to stay for a while and safe to use in your blog. Hint: you’ll be seeing more gold sneaking into DYOB’s style guide this year.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Glitter + Gold on Pinterest.

Not sure about gold yet? Try other warm metals like copper or brass.

Lucky for you, it’s easy to incorporate gold leafing or glitter into your blog’s design. Or browse through these lovely templates.

Gold is a blog design trend for 2015. See more trends at!

1. Tessa Anna* Blogger template by Designer Blogs 2. Lynette* WordPress theme by BluChic 3. Tweak Me v2* WordPress Theme by Creative Whim 4. Penelope* Blogger template by Designer Blogs

2. Tribal

Yes, this Western, rustic look has been around a little while, but it’s only getting stronger this year. Think Aztec, teepees, triangle patterns, feathers and arrows.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Aztec/Tribal on Pinterest.

Not sure about tribal? Try the hipster look with rustic log cabin textures, plaid, woodland animals and deer antlers.

Take a look at these beautiful templates for inspiration.

Tribal (and hipster) is a blog design trend for 2015. See more trends at!

1. Bohemian Beauty Blogger template by ShinyMagic 2. HayDay Blogger or WordPress theme by Smitten Blog Designs 3. Adelaide & Sydney Blogger template by Smitten Blog Designs 4. Miss Fabulous WordPress theme by ShinyMagic

3. Geometrics

Geometric patterns are sensational! They can be tribal or ethereal depending on how you use them. They make great backgrounds for your blog or header.

Geometric fonts are also pretty popular right now and go perfectly with a hipster theme.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Geometrics on Pinterest.

Take a look at this beautiful template for inspiration. Also, take a look at my Pinterest board above for free and premium Geometric backgrounds and graphics downloads. You can create your own design with these!

4. Hand Drawn

The hand drawn look is not going away anytime soon. Type foundries are bursting at the seams with hand drawn fonts and graphic marketplaces are riddled with intricately illustrated swirls, frames, wreaths, flowers and doodads.

The nice thing about the hand drawn look is that it can be done in many different styles: cartoony illustrations, folk art, botanical, rustic and even tribal to name a few.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Hand Drawn + Folk Art on Pinterest.

These adorable blog designs will undoubtedly convince you to go hand drawn!

Hand-drawn and illustrated is a blog design trend for 2015. See more trends at!

1. Wonderland WordPress theme* by Creative Whim 2. Turquoise Amy Blogger template* by Mlekoshi Playground on Luvly Marketplace 3. Harper Anne Blogger template* by Chelsea Hibbard on Luvly Marketplace 4. Meadowville WordPress theme* by Envye

5. Feminine Florals

Floral patterns ain’t just for grandma’s house anymore! This feminine and romantic look, reminiscent of Laura Ashley, is ultra vintage-chic.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Feminine Florals on Pinterest.

Not sure about the shabby-chic look for your blog but still love flowers? Botanicals + Tropical Kitsch are also right on trend this year. And of course, you could always go with hand drawn flowers and wreaths.

Feast your eyes on these fabulously feminine templates:

Florals and botanicals are a blog design trend for 2015. See more trends at!

1. Bloom eCommerce Genesis theme* from Restored 316 Designs 2. Meadow Blogger template* from Designer Blogs 3. Ruby Rose Botanicals WordPress theme by Avalon Rose 4. Wood Rose WordPress theme from Avalon Rose 5. Elle Blogger template* by Envye

6. Fashion Blogs with Black and Pale Colors

Black and white is the go-to look for fashion blogs, but adding a soft color makes it super feminine and pretty.

These beautiful templates have just what you need for a fashion-forword blog!

Black and pale fashion blog is a blog design trend for 2015. See more trends at!

1. Marilyn WordPress theme* by BluChic 2. Meadowbrook WordPress theme* by Angie Makes 3. Gentle Gray WordPress theme or Blogger template by CristinadkDesign 4. On a String WordPress theme* by Light Morango on Luvly Marketplace

7. Watercolor

Watercolor is still going strong this year and I have a feeling it’s going to stick around a while. It’s ultra-feminine and never gets old.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Watercolors on Pinterest.

Check out this entire post on the watercolor trend and see the beautiful templates included. You can also try this tutorial on making your own watercolor blog header!

8. Styled Desktops

Styled desktops have become incredibly popular thanks to the Squarespace website redesign last year. Now they’re everywhere and all kinds of gorgeous styled photos are available all over Creative Market* and Etsy.

Follow Design Your Own (lovely) Blog // Marianne’s board Design Trend: Styled Desktops on Pinterest.

These templates and themes show how you too can incorporate this epic trend into your own blog.

Styled Desktops are a huge blog design trend for 2015. See more trends at!

1. Olivie WordPress theme* by BluChic 2. Honeycrisp WordPress theme* by Angie Makes 3. Simply Charming WordPress theme* by Restored 316 Designs 4. Adorn WordPress theme* by Restored 316 Designs

9. Ombre

Last but not least, ombre (or super gradients as they seem to be called) are really going strong this year.

Super gradients aren’t your ordinary gradients from pre-flat-design days. Oh no. They’re much softer and they use two two three different colors that are close together on the color wheel as opposed to one color fading into a lighter or darker version of itself.

They work really well in conjunction with geometrics, so you can use two trends for the price of one! ;)

I’m really into these dreamy gradients and may even use one in my redesign if I can make it work! Check out these gorgeous examples of super gradients.

I haven’t seen any feminine templates that incorporate this yet, but you can learn how to easily make your own ombre backgrounds using this tutorial here.

So there you have it,

9 ways to bring your blog out of the 70’s ;) and into today. Do you use any of these trends currently? Are you thinking about incorporating one or more this year? Thoughts on design trends? Share with me below!

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  • whoa!!!! i just opened 100 tabs to devour! lol good thing i didn’t see this before i launched the new or it would’ve been delayed from idea overload!! :) thank you!! going to look and see if i can incorporate some of this into my existing site!!

  • I LOVED this post and thank you for sharing because I’m actually in the midst of a redesign and maybe a name change! There’s a few of these that I’m DEFINATELY going to use and some of those blogs are completely swoon worthy.

    Thanks for sharing Marianne!

    Lauren | LB Designs

  • Jeanette says:

    Oh yes indeed…I use gold and I love styled desktop photos:)

  • Great article, Marianne. I was relieved to see many of the things you mention are already on my website, so no changes this year. This will be a great resource for all bloggers, particularly new ones getting ready to design their first website.

  • Cristina says:

    Thanks for the link to my Gentle Grey template, Marianne! I love trying out new web design trends, and the styled desktop trend is one of my favorites this year!

  • Dawn says:

    What a WONDERFUL post. This is so useful and I really appreciate it. I’m know I’m going to loose a few hours later looking at all these fantastic examples

  • I love this post. I actually saved it to my bloglovin because I think it’s super helpful. I’m in love with the tribal ones. But I’m a true bohemian at heart. Thanks for pulling all this info together to give us awesome design info. Love your blog!

  • Tiara says:

    I just love this. It is like fashion week for blogs. So cool!

  • Dear Marianne,
    You really put a great deal of good work together in this post! Wow! i will need a week to go over all the nice examples you offer! Thanks again for always being inspiring and helpful!
    Love it!

  • Michele says:

    Fun inspiration! Makes me want to jump into Photoshop and start playing. Thanks! :)

  • Great post! I know I need to update my blog, but the prospect of even choosing a theme is overwhelming. I did a survey of blogs in my area, and many of them used blue and yellow/gold/orange for a color scheme, which surprised me. But right now I’m using an extremely basic theme with a simple header graphic. Do you have any rules of thumb for choosing a theme that will be appropriate for your content and the feel you want your blog to have?

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Lynn,
      There really aren’t any rules for choosing a theme because they are all so different and we all have different needs. Themes have different functionality built into them that make it easier to do certain things, such as include a portfolio, separate your posts on the main page by category, etc. All sorts of things.

      I do have 2 recommendations though: start with this post by Blog Ambitions:

      then have a look through Theme Forest and just browse the themes, read the descriptions and view the demos, then make a list of all the things you’d like to include in your blog and those you wish to not have. Then you’ll have a place to start on what to look for when searching for a theme.

      You don’t need to rush this process, I’ve been looking for my next theme since launching my blog. I just keep a running list of themes I like and the types of functionality I’d like to include. Hope that helps!

  • Niharika says:

    Thank you :)

    Its definitely Gold for me!! I wanted a website which would be taken seriously yet be classy.
    I love Black & White and the best color complimenting it has to be “GOLD”…
    You truly made my decision so easy. I guess i needed reassurance and you provided me with the same. Thank you :)

    • Marianne says:

      That’s so great to hear Niharika! I totally agree with you that gold paired with black and white equals a very classy look. Nice job on creating that on your own blog!

  • Regex SEO says:

    Hand writing and especially lettering are incredibly popular today. There are so many courses on calligraphy and lettering that there maybe more of them than design courses in general

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