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3 Ways a Successful Solopreneur Asks for Help

3 Ways a Successful Solopreneur Asks for Help. Part of the #bizbossbundle blog tour on
3 Ways a Successful Solopreneur Asks for Help

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Boss Mindset Blog Tour is hosted by #Femmeboss Magazine, the creators of Biz Boss Success + Mindset Bundle,* a must-have bootcamp bundle of ebooks, courses, and coaches for small biz owners. They believe in the transformational power of asking for help and accountability to propel your success.

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Being a solopreneur is fun, rewarding, and challenging all at once, isn’t it?

Many of us work totally alone, reading every post, tutorial and ebook we can get our hands on to guide us along our journeys.

Some of us may actually feel that we don’t have anyone to go to to ask for help.

Oh but we do my friend, we do! Here are 3 ways that successful solopreneurs get guidance from fellow solopreneurs so that they (and we) don’t have to take the long road alone.

This post contains affiliate links (denoted by a *) which means I may receive a small commission if you buy using a link here. I only share products and services I support 100%. Read my disclose here.

1. Join a Mastermind

A mastermind is absolutely invaluable to the solopreneur’s journey. I have been in a few masterminds over the years but my two current masterminds have been absolutely incredible to me. I’ve gotten so many great ideas and help from my fellow masterminds that I’ve actually since implemented in my business.

What’s a mastermind you ask?

A mastermind is usually a group of about 4-5 people who meet 1-4 times per month to offer each other support, accountability and brainstorming. Each meeting starts with everyone sharing what they’ve accomplished since the last meeting, then there’s an opportunity to ask questions or solicit advice and at the end everyone declares what they’ll accomplish before the next meeting.

How to start a mastermind

The best way is to find a few peers either on Twitter or in Facebook groups that you’ve had positive interactions with and just send them a request. That’s what I did. Now we have a thriving private Facebook group where we can safely share questions, concerns and even rants any time of the month and we have a monthly Google Hangout. Here’s a great post on why you should join a mastermind and how to start one.

2. Join Strategic Facebook Groups

Join groups where fellow solopreneurs hang out and ask for help! But don’t forget to give help too. People aren’t dumb, they can see a taker from a mile away. Share your own experiences with others and they will be just as happy to share theirs with you.

Want a really great group to join? How about the DYOB: Blog Beautiful Community!

3. Take a Course

Courses are awesome places to ask for help! The best ones have a private group or forum where you can hook up with fellow students and ask for help or feedback from others in the same boat as you! Plus oftentimes, you get the expertise of the course teacher too and that’s just awesome.

I’ve had an amazing experience being a member of the Fizzle Community the last two years. Any time I feel stuck on something or have a dilemma, I go straight to the forums and ask. Usually within 24 hours I’ve got a bunch of smart answers from some incredibly intelligent, talented, and experienced people!

And speaking of courses..

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Remember how I just told you that courses are a great way for solopreneurs to ask for help? Check this out!

  • In Letitia Elizabeth’s Branding Academy, you’ll get weekly check-in phone coaching!
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How do you ask for help when you need it in your business? How did getting help or seeking expertise from others change you? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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  • Amen and amen!! I agree with all of this!
    I’m part of a Mastermind group, some very supportive fb groups, and am currently involved in 3 different trainings (which is WAY too many and I should only do 1-2 at a time, but I’ve learned my lesson! 🙂
    Thanks as always, Marianne, for your fabulous newsletter full of great and awesome stuff! You.are.awesome.!!!

    • Marianne says:

      Aw Ruthie, you are too awesome yourself, I truly appreciate all of your support! I know what you mean about doing too many trainings at once. I am guilty of it myself and just when i said i wouldn’t buy anything anymore until I’ve done the ones I have, I went and bought another one. Argh! But i have to say I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

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