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30 Best Selling Creative Fonts!

30 best selling fonts for $39 bundle!

30 best selling fonts for $39 bundle!

So I really just couldn’t resist sharing another deal from Design Cuts.

Honestly I was planning on publishing a design showcase on logos today, but then I found out this expires in just 5 days and had to do some post shuffling.

It’s a font deal and I KNOW how much you all love fonts so hopefully I’m doing you all a favor here. 🙂

There are 30 fonts total here for just $39

If you’ve ever bought fonts before or considered buying fonts, you know how expensive just one font family can be, so this deal is just too good to pass up.

The bundle’s fonts range from scripts to hand-brushed to nice bold headline fonts and are designed by some of the top font designers in the industry.

Each font comes fully licensed for commercial use, includes the full font family and also includes web fonts. If you’re not sure what that means, it means that you can upload them to Font Squirrel and use them in your blogs! For more info on how to do that, check out this tutorial on how to use web fonts.

UPDATE: Although this deal is now over, I’ve noticed this post still getting quite the amount of traffic and people asking me where they can find some of these items. So I’ve updated my faves below with links to where you can purchase them individually. Hope it helps!! If you have questions about any of them, leave a comment below.

This post contains affiliate links which just means I earn a small commission should you choose to buy using a link. Read my full disclosure here.

Ok enough from me, I’ll let the fonts speak for themselves…

Some of My Favorites from the Bundle!

Just a small sampling. See the deal page for the full list and more images!

Stringfellowsby Nicky Laatz

Oh you already know how I just love hand-lettered script fonts like this! This drop-dead gorgeous font includes glyphs (special swashy characters) and pretty ornaments. Buy it alone and it’ll run you $20. That’s half the cost of the 30 font bundle!
Stringfellows: a gorgeous hand-written script font part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Periplus by Pintassilgo Prints

A fun and adorable hand-written font that just feels retro-chic doesn’t it? Lots of alternate characters and swashes make this font truly versatile.
Periplus: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Glowist by Flavortype

A hand-written serif with an old-fashioned feel. Includes ornaments and is suitable for greeting blog headers, cards, posters, labels, t-shirt design, etc.
Glowist: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Wilder by Swist Blnk

This imperfectly hand-drawn serif font is just right for a Hipster design!
Wilder: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Melany Lane by Yellow Design Studio

Yellow Design Studio has designed some of my favorite fonts: Thirsty Script, Anodyne and Skitch being among my favorites. But Melany Lane stole my heart a while ago with its beautiful swirls, glyphs and alternates. Buying this font alone would run you $29 on sale!
Melany Lane: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Church in the Wildwood by Ornaments of Grace

I’m excited about this vintage font from Ornaments of Grace as I already own some of their graphics.
Church in the Wildwood: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Felt Noisy by Pintassilgo Prints

How cool is this felt tip font in gold? I can totally see this in a fashion blog!
Felt Noisy: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Magesta Script by Yellow Design Studio

Four retro script fonts that capture the warm, authentic qualities of letterpress printing. (those aren’t my words 😉 )
Magesta: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Brixton FY by Font You

A fun hand-written font with curvy serifs. Cute ligatures, alternates and ornaments make this font family a must have.
Brixton FY: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Splandor by Ilham Herry

A new hand drawn serif font that works great for vintage designs. Picture it over images or in Instagram! Makes a good logo or poster too. This font pack also includes ornaments.
Splandor: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Undersong by Pintassilgo Prints

13 hand drawn fonts that can be stacked to make infinite combinations. The fun swirly letters make this perfect for feminine designs.
Undersong: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

Verb by Yellow Design Studio

This nice, round sans-serif is great for body copy in a modern or minimalistic blog design. It comes in 9 weights and includes stylistic alternates.
Verb: part of the 30 fonts for $39 bundle!

So there you have it

My favorites from the font bundle. There’s 18 more on the deals page so be sure to take a look. If you’ve been meaning to beef up your font collection with well designed, professional fonts, you don’t want to pass this bundle up!

Go get it now.

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  • Rebecca Zara says:

    Helpful article, MELANY LANE is a best-selling and attractive typeface and I like it and going to purchase it. Thank you for this.

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