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6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page

6 Things You Must Have on Your Sales Page! A guest post by Kathie of Bluechic. Check out these gorgeous landing page templates just for WordPress!

6 Things You Must Have on Your Sales Page! A guest post by Kathie of Bluechic. Check out these gorgeous landing page templates just for WordPress!

Writing sales pages isn’t fun for most people.

In fact, I think creating sales pages is one of the least liked tasks for almost every business owner.

One of the biggest hangups people have is knowing what exactly you should be including on your sales page and where to put it.

Hey everyone! Please welcome Kathie, one half of the amazing feminine WordPress theme shop, Bluchic, today on the blog. If you haven’t seen her and her husband’s amazing work, make sure you do. You won’t be disappointed!

This post also contains affiliate links, which means (at no cost to you) DYOB receives a commission if you purchase through these links. I only recommend products I can stand behind myself and appreciate your trust and support.

We’ve run our business for over 5 years now, so we know a thing or two about creating actionable sales pages that grabs a reader’s attention. We’ve learned a lot over the past 5 years and we wanted to share our experience on what matters most when creating a sales page.

We’ve included our formula for writing actionable sales pages, and we also have ready-to-go templates for you to use if the design aspect holds you back.

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page

1. An Enticing Headline

One of the most important aspects of your sales page is an eye-catching headline that entices visitors to continue reading.

To create a headline that captures a reader’s attention, it should be specific, concise and focus on one main pain point your ideal customer has.

Be cautious of making your headline too lengthy, we recommend sticking to 15ish words.

Also, it’s critical to remember to use words that your target audience uses when they’re referring to the problem your product or services solves.

Using your audience’s own words will immediately catch their attention and will hook them to continue reading more.

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page - No.1 An Enticing Headline

The Instagram Lab by Jenna Kutcher

2. Amazing Design & Layout

Design and layout are often afterthoughts for sales pages, but they are the most critically important aspects of your sales page. A poorly designed sales page can lead to less conversions, and we obviously don’t want that!

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a sales page:

  • Font structure: Keep it clean and easy to read but using mostly Sans Serif fonts. Don’t use too many cursive fonts as it’s difficult on the eyes to read.
  • Responsive: Your sales page has to be responsive on all devices. You never know what device someone could be looking at your sales page on, so it’s important your sales page fits every size out there.
  • Sections: Instead of using big blocks of text, try using sections to break up your content and graphics.
  • Visual graphics: Show off images of your product visually so visitors know exactly what it is they are purchasing. This is a must-do whether you sell physical or digital products.
  • White space: Including white space on your sales page gives visitor’s eyes a break while reading and also helps them focus in on the text and visuals you do have.

Programs like Leadpages and Clickfunnels can help you create well-designed landing pages but 1) they’re expensive and 2) they have a lot of bells and whistles you probably won’t utilize.

We sell ready-made Landing Page Templates that you can purchase for a one-time fee that integrates easily with your WordPress website.

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page - No.2 Amazing design & layout. Check out the ready-made Landing Page Templates from Bluchic!

Our templates include:

  • Webinar registrations page
  • Thank you page
  • Free opt-in page
  • Sales page
  • Offer expired page
  • Tripwire page

They are a great alternative to other pricey programs and you can be confident that they are professionally designed and perfect for small business owners! Oh, and they are so easy to use and implement, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get up a landing page, fast!

Learn more about Bluchic Landing Page Templates now.

3. Multiple Call-to-Action Opportunities

Depending on what you’re selling and the price of your product or service will determine how many calls-to-action you should include on your sales page.

Some people may not read your entire sales page so you want to make sure you’re including ample call-to-action buttons throughout your sales page.

The rule we follow is the higher the price = the more call-to-action buttons needed on the sales page.

You’ll want to make sure your call-to-action buttons stand out against the rest of your graphics and copy. Try using a color that contrasts with the rest of your page.

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page - No.3 Multiple call-to-action opportunities

Instagrowth by Zoe Linda

4. Testimonials

People like to read how other people have been positively affected by your product or services. It gives visitors a sense of ease because they know that someone else has “tested” the product and they can feel even more confident in purchasing what you’re selling.

If you’re new to business, have beta-testers for your product so you can get some great testimonials.

Wondering how to ask for testimonials? Make it less intimidating by asking people to fill out a form about your product or service, instead of asking them directly for a testimonial. People will be more apt to give a truer response by filling out a form.

5. Bio of You and Your Experience

People want to know that they can trust who they’re buying from and your bio and experience is a way to build that trust.

Point out that you know what you’re doing and why people should trust you and your product. Share who you’ve worked with in the past, projects you’ve completed, and the successes that you’ve had.

Be yourself and let yourself shine. A bio doesn’t have to be a boring description, so have some fun with it!

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page - No.5 Bio of you and your experience

The Savvy Community by Heather Crabtree

6. Irresistible Copy

Copy is ultimately what is going to sell your product or services, so it has to be alluring enough to visitors to take action and purchase.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your copy for your sales page:

  • Explain the situation that a customer is in before they buy your product
  • Explain how your product is the best solution to their problem
  • Think of a specific person you are writing to when creating your copy
  • Highlight reasons why someone might not want to purchase

Final Thoughts

We hope this post has eased your minds for creating your next sales page. It’s not as hard once you have a formula to follow!

If designing landing or sales pages sounds like a dreadful task, be sure to check out our Landing Page Templates that works perfectly with WordPress websites!

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page - Easy to Use Landing Page Templates

6 Things You Must Have On Your Sales Page - Easy to Use Landing Page Templates designed by Kathie of Bluchic WordPress ThemesAbout Kathie
I’m Kathie of Bluchic, and together with my husband, Andrew, I create stunning, feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs and bloggers since 2012. When I’m not designing new templates, I’m spending time with my husband and son — probably munching down on sushi or even just spending hours playing Legos.

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  • Hello
    Great tips over here to create an effective sales page. Agree, that before starting a sales page we should know what to be included and where to put it. Thanks for sharing 5 year experiance of your business.

    All these tips are very helpful to create a sales page.

    In this post you have explained all these tips very nicely and it is very easy to understand.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  • I love your templates, Kathie! They have been a lifesaver! And they’re gorgeous!

  • Soumya Roy says:

    Thanks Kathie for this informative sharing. You are absolutely right, a sales page needs some serious representation to get the utmost outcome. All your mentioned points are highly significant and effective. But you told that some people don’t like to read the entire content of a sales page. Now my question is that, what would be your thought of a sales page with around 4000 words content, I mean long form contents help to convert visitors into sales more or not (I am considering rest of the things are optimally optimized)?

  • Absolutely, These are must needed for any sales business, Apart from these there should be live chat support and proper communication way, which drives clients to concern person.

  • How about if I just started and don’t have a testimonial yet?

    • Marianne says:

      Abdul, the best way to get legitimate testimonials when you’re starting out is to have a beta testing audience. Give your product to a few select people for free in exchange for an honest testimonial.

  • Ivan says:

    I love how salespages have evolved to be more beautiful instead of merely word-oriented. I love that you can be creative and communicate the emotions of your brand through your salespage.

  • Ivan says:

    Yes. It is absolutely essential if you want to get more sales. You also have to test your pages to ensure they are responsive.

  • Shayur Maharaj says:

    Great piece! I think as a wannabe blogger and current marketing analyst I find this to be extremely insightful. I definitely plan on implementing some of the tips I learned here,

  • John Ravi says:

    Hi Kathie,

    It was an amazing article! I have a business as well, and I am thinking about tweaking my sales page. I do have some of these things on my page, and I am sure others will be a great addition as well. I will be adding them to my page and updating it very soon. Thanks a lot for highlighting this through your article. It was such a great resource, and I am really looking forward to updating my sales page very soon.

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