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The Beautifully Artistic Designer’s Kit (1000s of Creative Resources)

The Beautifull Artistic Designer's Kit

The Beautifully Artistic Designer's Kit (1000s of Creative Resources) for just $29

Ladies, it’s offical.


Yep, I’m officially a graphics hoarder.

But really can you blame me when one design deal after another keeps entering my inbox? I mean, how can one say “no” to 1000’s of dollars worth of ridiculously creative stuff for a mere $29? I spend more than that on ONE shirt at the mall!

Well before I digress too much, let’s get into the drool-worthy goodness because this bundle expires on Monday!

{This post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure here.}

This deal is over however I have changed all links to where you can buy products individually in case you see something you really must have.

My ABSOLUTE FAVE Thing Ever!!!!

The FEMININE Custom Scene Generator!
Styled Desktops are ALL THE RAGE, did you hear? Don’t have the fancy camera equipment or cute color-coordinated items to take your own? Then create a fully custom, digitized version!

This bundle comes with 3 of these kits, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

Custom Scene Generator - Styled Desktops – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 1  from Roman Jusdado. The Beautifully Artistic Designer's Kit (1000s of Creative Resources) for just $29

Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 1 from Roman Jusdado.

Here is Vol. 2 of the Feminine Custom Scene Creator.

Fonts of Course!

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared some of my new favorite handwritten script fonts? Well as luck would have it, there are gorgeous scripts included in this deal. YES! Take a look…

Individual font links:
La Veronique

5 Gorgeous handwritten brush script fonts in this Design Cuts bundle!

5 Gorgeous handwritten brush script fonts in this bundle!

These fonts come with complete commercial licensing and web fonts as well so you can use them in your blog. Learn how to use webfonts here.


Did you miss out on the last few bundles with the gorgeous watercolor kits? Well don’t worry because this bundle has you covered. Oh yes it does!

Individual watercolor kit links:
The Essential Watercolors
Aqua Type
Watercolor Professional Painter

Beautiful Watercolor Textures and Effects. The Beautifully Artistic Designer's Kit (1000s of Creative Resources) for just $29.

Beautiful Watercolor Textures and Effects!

Watercolor is still a HUGE trend right now. Here’s how to use it in your blog.

Check Out the Full Deal


You know you love gold textures and chalkboard, right? Well those are included too! See? I TOLD YOU this deal was incredible.

Individual Gold Kits:
Gold Rush
Hot Foil | Foil Stamping Machine
Chalkboard Sampler

Beautiful Gold Foil and Chalkboard textures. The Beautifully Artistic Designer's Kit (1000s of Creative Resources) for just $29.

Beautiful Gold Foil and Chalkboard textures help you stay on trend!

Learn how to use gold leafing textures — it’s easy!

Check Out the Full Deal

Your Turn!

There isn’t much time to get in on this deal gals because it expires this Monday. See what else is included with descriptions and licensing details here.

What do you think of deal bundles? Are you a hoarder too?? You know I always love to hear from you, so let me know below, won’t you?

Oh and don’t forget to share this goody goodness with your friends so they don’t cry when they’ve missed out!

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  • Actually, I’m using the Feminine custom scene generator in my blog post images and I totally love it! Easy to use and very affordable. The gold foil is awesome and I think it’s worth a try. Thanks for these links, Marianne.

    • Marianne says:

      Your images look great Jeanie! Glad you like that scene kit. I can’t wait to give it a try as I’ve been wanting it for a very long time 🙂

  • After buying it immediately (because, duh) I realized I haven’t even downloaded the last 2 Design Cuts bundles I’ve bought! Houston, I obviously have a problem. Better to hoard graphics than ceramic clowns or something though, right? That’s what I tell myself, at least. 😉

    • Marianne says:

      Haha Blair you’re just like me!! I know what you mean, but these deals are just too good to pass up for later, right??

      Btw, I love how beautiful your blog is! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Carol says:

    Hey Marianne,

    Thanks again for such awesome feedback! We are so happy that you are loving our latest bundle :).

    Please feel free to share anything that you create- we would love to see it!

  • Love these! I’m still working on my redesign and I’ll be keeping my eye out for a bundle that fits 🙂

  • Sinziana says:

    I love deals!!! I can say I love to much deals lol…unfortunately I lost this one :(…I hope they will make the deal availeble again. Anyway, I think from now I will not miss any of theyr deals!
    Sinziana Romanescu

  • Cannon says:

    I truly loved these fonts. They are beautiful and I´d love to have them on some web page.

    I like these desigs and I think they can be used in many ways.

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