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How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls in DIY Blog Design

Avoid the potential pitfalls of DIY blog design in this conversation between Julie Harris and Marianne Manthey of

Avoid the potential pitfalls of DIY blog design in this conversation between Julie Harris and Marianne Manthey of

If you’ve been reading DYOB for a blog, you’re probably a DIY blog designer, or at least an aspiring one right?

My good friend Julie Harris of Julie Harris Design invited me to have a conversation on her blog about the dangers of DIY design and what you can do to avoid them. I just love Julie’s idea of a conversational blog post and that alone is worth going over to check it out.

Can you relate to this statement?

As the DIY independent women that we are, I can easily identify and respect those of you entrepreneurs out there with the desire to embark on all your branding and design endeavors on your own. You aren’t afraid to learn, grow, make mistakes, and get your hands dirty. Often you enjoy the challenge, and designing your brand can be one of the most exciting challenges you’ll face as you start your own business.
-Julie Harris

What are your reasons for DIY-designing your blog?
Whether it’s because you can’t afford to hire a pro, you’re afraid a pro may misrepresent you or it just looks like fun, we’ve got some interesting conversations going on around these three points as well as how to get started on your DIY journey.

PLUS! We’re giving away a free copy of my ebook, Blog Beautiful to one lucky and random winner who leaves a comment on Julie’s post.

So, don’t be shy! C’mon over and give Julie a little comment love and you may just win the book that will help you make your DIY design dreams come true!

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  • Ashley says:

    I know that when starting a blog figuring out design was one of the most difficult and time consuming steps!


    • Marianne says:

      So true Ashley! It’s definitely one of the most time consuming steps for sure. And be sure to go and answer Julie’s questions on her post for a chance to win the ebook if you’d like!

  • My reasons for diy website: a)I didn’t want to pay the pro ; b) all I need is a basic website so I thought squarespace will suffice; c) my husband is a designer so he will tell me (hopefully)if he sees something seriously wrong. I have no ifea if I’m doing ok or not yet. Your website is packed with lots of useful info so I will be back for more wisdom!

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Yuko, thanks for coming by! I love your blog, it’s very clean and minimal just like the content you share. That IS the beauty of Squarespace and it’s perfect for you.

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