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9 Ways to Create Better Blog Images

9 Ways to Create Better Blog Images. Part of the Monthly Blog Design Topics on

9 Ways to Create Better Blog Images. Part of the Monthly Blog Design Topics on

Having great images for our blogs is a must.

In the split second your reader decides whether or not to stay on your page, it has to draw that reader in and persuade them to sit down and read what you have to say.

It has to be eye catching.

Social media is also great motivator for having clever, well thought out images for your blog posts. The images that perform best on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter feeds are the ones that immediately catch peoples’ eyes.

Luckily with so many great resources available to us bloggers these days, there really is no excuse not to have attractive images in our blog posts anymore. Here are 9 ways to create better blog images.

This is the beginning of our October AND November Monthly Topic on Blog Images. Here are the other posts in the series:
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  1. Be Careful About Your Choice of Images

    The first thing you should know about using images on your blog is that you can’t just take an image from anywhere. I would hope that you know this already, but in case you don’t, you want to be very careful about where you find your images and how you use them. Making mistakes in this arena can cost you dearly.

    Read Warning! That Image on Your Blog Post Could Cost You Thousands

  2. Select Images That Fizz + Sizzle

    More attractive images are shared more often. So how do we choose images that are more attractive? Turns out there a few things to look for.

    Read How to Select Shockingly Good Images to Illustrate Your Business or Brand and Dazzle your Fans in the Process

  3. Choose Images that Sell Your Brand

    Adding overlays to our images can help sell our brands and create great blog post title images. Check out 14 other ways you can use image overlays to help sell your brand!

    Read 14 Smart Ways to Make Your Photos Sell Your Brand

  4. Create Image Quotes + Overlays to Get Shares on Social Media

    Some of us still love inspirational image quotes and these can help draw attention to your brand. Here are some easy ways to quickly add overlays to your images using some simple and free tools!

    Read Getting Shares on Social Media Can Be This Simple

  5. Use Quick + Easy Tools to Create Your Images

    Speaking of tools, how about using Canva to create shareable images?

    Read 3 Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts With Canva

    Other wonderful image-creation tools to check out: PicMonkey,* Pixlr or a subscription to Photoshop.*

  6. Avoid Common Mistakes When Creating Your Blog Images

    It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re first learning to blog or learning how to use images in your blog. Heck it’s easy to make them even as a seasoned “pro.” Make sure you’re avoiding these common pitfalls and getting the most out of your images today.

    Read 5 Image Mistakes Bloggers Make And How to Avoid Them

  7. Find Fabulous + Free Images You Can Use Legally

    Need to know where to get free yet fabulous stock images for your blog posts? Look no further than these massive lists I’ve compiled with my favorites!

    Read 23 Sites for Free + Affordable Feminine Styled Stock Photography
    50+ Sites for Free Feminine Styled Stock Photography
    The BIG Guide to Free Images for Your Blog Posts // Part 1: Public Domain
    The BIG Guide to Free Images for Your Blog Posts // Part 2: Creative Commons

  8. Take Better Blog Photos

    You may decide to take your own photos for your blog posts and if you do, my friend and super talented photographer, Emma Davies, offers 5 great tips to get better photos.

    Read Start Taking Better Blog Photos Today

  9. Increase Traffic with Attention-Grabbing Images for Pinterst

    Most of the bloggers I know get the majority of their traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is a game changer for most of us and if you’re not leveraging it, you’re making a huge mistake.

    Read 10 Sure Fire Ways to Create Attention-Grabbing Images for Pinterest to Increase Traffic [Infographic]

  10. And One More Bonus Tip

    Once you’ve got super awesome Pinnable images in your posts, you’re going to want to make it as easy as possible for them to Pin them! Create an adorable custom Pin It button for your images using this tutorial:

    Read Tutorial + Showcase: Add a Custom Pin It Button to Your Blog

Announcement: New Twitter Chat!

Now that we’re back on monthly topics, I am SUUUUUPER excited to announce something very exciting!! Dre Beltrami (that sassy gal from The Branded Solpreneur) and I are hosting our very first Twitter chat THIS coming TUESDAY at 7pm PT / 10pm ET!!

And what else are we talking about but BLOG IMAGES yay! So be sure to join in. The hashtag for the conversation is #brandhour and you’ll want to be sure to use that in all your tweets during that hour.

Join @drebeltrami and @marianney on Tuesday nights once a month for #brandhour Twitter chat at 7pm PT/10pm ET!

If you have never attended a Twitter chat before, they are so much fun, but can be really fast moving! I highly suggest using TweetDeck or Hootsuite to follow along. Here are some additional tips from Elle & Co. on participating.

Now Back to Our Programming

Images in our blogs are really important to help us stand out and it’s even more important to use the right ones.

I’d really love to know: How are you using images in your blog posts now and do you feel the need to improve them? Let’s discuss below!

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