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Easily Create Blog Graphics for Free with BeFunky

Easily create blog graphics for free with BeFunky!

One of the most important pieces of designing your own blog is creating graphics for your blog that match your branding. Now you can easily create blog graphics for free with BeFunky! Check out the videos I've made to show you BeFunky's new features. #bloggraphics #blogdesign #diydesign #photoshopalternative #befunky

One of the most important pieces of designing your own blog is creating graphics for your blog that match your branding.

But with design tools like Photoshop being out of financial reach for many bloggers and once-free tools no longer being free, what’s a blogger to do?

Let me introduce you to the all new and improved BeFunky,* the online design creator that still allows you to create blog graphics (or any graphics really) for free. The new BeFunky, launched just last week, has been completely reimagined based on user feedback taken over the past few years and now includes new capabilities and tools to make graphic creation better and easier than ever before.

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by BeFunky, a free graphic creation tool I fully endorse, as it’s one of the only free ones on the market that gives you the ability to save projects to work on later. This comes in incredibly handy when you design a blog post graphic template that you can use over and over again to keep consistency throughout your blog and branding. (see full disclosure here)

How Using BeFunky to Create Your Blog Graphics Can Make Your Life Easier

Let me highlight some of my favorite changes, now available in the new BeFunky.

Instant Access to Thousands of Free Stock Photos!

This is awesome you guys! BeFunky now gives you access to thousands of beautiful and totally free stock photos from Unsplash and Pixabay! Search for whatever photo you need within BeFunky itself and instantly add it to your project.

Photoshop-like Editing Tools

Need to enhance the photos you’ll be using in your blog’s graphics but don’t have Photoshop? Don’t despair anymore, lovely!

Among the original photo editing tools available in the past, the Photo Editor* now gives you the ability to easily sharpen photographs, add vibrance to photos and/or balance the lighting of your photos to give them the look of having used professional photography lighting and equipment, all by using simple sliders to adjust the amounts.

Watch the quick 1 minute video below to see how they work and what they do.

Save Your Projects for Later + Autosave

Unlike some free editors, you can’t save an unfinished project to finish or edit later. This means you can’t create reusable blog post graphic templates for your blog.

BeFunky has the ability to Save As Project, which is available in the Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Designer tools. What this means is that you can save and close any project you’re working on as an editable file, either in your BeFunky account or as a .BFD (editable BeFunky Design file) on your computer, and then come back to it at a later date to pick up where you left off. 

This feature is what allows you to work on a more long-term design project. It’s also what allows you to create templates that you can edit and use over and over.

While the ability to save projects with BeFunky is not a new feature, one that is new is Autosave, and that means you won’t ever lose your work if the power goes out and you forgot to click the Save button!

New Design Templates

Don’t have time to create a new blog or social media graphic from scratch? Then start out with one of the many new design templates BeFunky has started for you in their Designer.* Just add your own colors, text and branding to make it your own!

Afterwards, save it as a template right inside BeFunky so you can use it again and again. Now that’s a real time saver!

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

But That’s Not All. BeFunky Also Added the Following New Features…

Here are the rest of the features you can expect next time you log into your BeFunky interface:

No More Flash Installs or Updates

In the past, you had to install Flash to your computer in order to use BeFunky and other online tools. But these days, Flash is going the way of the dinosaur and BeFunky is staying ahead of the pack by ditching Flash and going with an all-HTML5 program.

What this means to you? Faster loading, no installs, and no more interrupting your work to update Flash.

Drag-and-Drop Uploading

Now you can quickly drag and drop any image from a folder on your computer right into the project canvas or collage maker to quickly speed up your design process.

Easier Access to Your Images

BeFunky saves all images you upload once to be used on any project, including collages. You’ll find these images in the Universal Image Manager which is accessible via the Photo Editor, Collage Maker or Designer tools.

Precision Snapping

If you’ve used Photoshop before, you’ll be familiar with snap lines. If you aren’t, then you’re in for a treat. Snap lines help you precisely align elements and text to each other to make your graphics look absolutely perfect.

More Than You Could Ever Ask for in a Free Image Editor

If it’s been a while since you’ve logged into BeFunky,* I recommend you check it out again. I’ve only touched on just a few of the new features they’ve added. It’s definitely worth a look, especially if you’re a DIY blog designer on a budget!

Let me know what you think of it or feel free to ask questions below.

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