I have a secret to tell

Before I redesigned DYOB last year, I had serious BLOG SHAME.

I know what it’s like to have a blog you’re almost afraid to give out the URL to. Do you know what I’m talking about? Do you have blog shame too?

Your blog is your BABY! Don’t you want it to be beautiful?

Are you serious about your success as a solopreneur? Your blog design tells people you’re serious about what you do. That’s why you need to take your blog’s design seriously. It’s no joke, the first impression your blog makes on new visitors can make or break your business.

I know not everyone can afford a custom design, that’s why I created Design Your Own (lovely) Blog: it’s full of free tutorials and advice to help people like you understand what beautiful design is and how to take control of your own blog and design it the way you want!

And to take it several steps forward, I also have this super easy to follow ebook that’s a one-stop source of tips + tutorials to help you finally have a blog you’re not ashamed of. Beautify your blog in just 50 steps!

Take your blog from Ugly to Lovely with Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Tricks to Make Your Blog Glow!

Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow. An ebook by DesignYourOwnBlog.com

Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow!

This 178 page book (instant download) is more than just a book with a list of tips. It’s a self-paced course with a checklist, worksheets and tutorials that is meant to hold your hand every step of the way from blog ugly to blog lovely. Learn more.

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Want to get the book for free?

There are two ways you can get Blog Beautiful for free:


When you start a new blog or switch hosting to SiteGround and send me the receipt, I’ll send you a free copy of Blog Beautiful so you can start beautifying your new blog right away!

By signing up for SiteGround using my affiliate link, the commission I receive will cover the costs of the book so it’s a win-win!


Join my Affiliate Program and earn 40% of every purchase through your link.
All you have to do is sell 3 copies and you’ll earn your money back!

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Of course you should only join if you’ve already purchased the book and personally recommend it.

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