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The Epic Behind-the-Scenes Details of the DYOB Redesign

The Epic Behind the scenes details of the DYOB redesign!

The Epic Behind-the-Scenes Details of the Design Your Own (lovely) Blog's Redesign
Welcome to the brand new Design Your Own (lovely) Blog!

I am thrilled with how the new site and design turned out and I hope you are too!

Truth be Told

As you may know redesigns can be a big deal, especially when you’ve been blogging a while. As with any major update, there are always a few glitches that make it through so if you see anything that’s amiss (such as broken links, missing images, etc.) as you stroll through, please be sure to let me know! You can do so by leaving a comment below or on the appropriate page or by sending me a message via my contact page.

You may also notice some pages that have incomplete content. Rest assured that those are being completed soon!

The How and Why and What Went Wrong

Now I’m sure you all have questions about how and why I made certain decisions (and I’m sure you wanna know all about what went wrong too!) so this week I’ll be crafting a pretty epic series all about the hows and whys of the DYOB redesign process.

So grab a seat and some coffee (or wine!) and let’s get started!

To jump to a certain day/section, use a link below:
Day One: What’s the Point? (below)
Day Two: The Design/Branding Process
Day Three: Font Palettes
Day Four: Design Mockups and Why I Chose My Theme
Day Five: Turning Your Blog into a Business/Making Money from Your Blog
Day Six: Newsletters
Day Seven: Social Media

DAY ONE: What’s the Point?

Before doing a redesign it’s important to first ask yourself: What’s the point of the whole thing: Why are you doing a redesign? What do you want to accomplish from it? What are your goals?

Why a Redesign?

Besides being a little bit outdated, I had two big reasons for doing a redesign for DYOB:
1. I never felt like the current design represented me well. I think the look I was going for 2 years ago was not really me. I realized the old design was holding me back because frankly I have always been a little embarrassed by it. I’m a designer and I know I can do better. Ah the bane of being a designer: it’s never good enough! 😉

2. Blogs evolve over time. My audience has become more defined over the last 2 years. And some of the things I originally had in mind for DYOB have shifted due to audience response as well as my own interests. Because of this, I felt like the old blog was a little disorganized. It didn’t give people a clear indication of where to start or what to do. Now there are some new pages and a new organized structure in the new blog.

What Do I Want to Accomplish? What are my Goals?

I wanted to set a higher standard for myself. I wanted to look more polished and professional and I wanted people to get a sense that they could accomplish the same things for their own blogs or businesses.

I also wanted the blog to have a clear direction. I think the old site confused some people and they weren’t exactly sure what they were gonna get out of it. Now I think the message is clearer (please tell me if it’s not!)

I started out with writing out some statements that I developed during Regina Anaejionu’s Blog to Profit course.


Why DYOB exists and where I see it going…

DYOB exists to teach & inspire female solopreneurs & bloggers to beautify their blogs DIY-style. While I don’t wish to replace web designers, knowing how to do your own blog customization makes you less reliant on one for all the little things you want to change on the fly. I see DYOB becoming a hub for women to learn basic design and coding skills while supporting each other in building their businesses.


My responsibilities to my community and how I’ll accomplish my vision above…

My mission is to show women that things like CSS and design are not scary and that they can build the business of their dreams with a blog to match their aspirations. I do this by sharing free and premium educational resources, feedback, advice and inspiration.


Now that I had a clearer idea of why I was doing a redesign and what I wanted out of it, I could move on to branding and vision boards. That part’s coming tomorrow. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Relaunch Party List!

The Day One Giveaway!

I am so very excited to announce our first giveaway of the week! Check it out and enter here. But before you do, I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on the new site! Please leave me a comment below!!

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