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3 Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts With Canva

3 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Posts with Canva Images! Read more on!

3 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Posts with Canva Images! Read more on!

Canva has become a top go-to design tool for many bloggers. Have you tried Canva yet?

Many people are unaware of all the amazing things that can be done in Canva.

When you have a blog, there is SO much to think about as far as design and graphics. Canva helps enhance your blog and eliminates the fear of design for a “non-designer”.

Hey there lovelies! I’m Lillian De Jesus from Tigerlily Virtual Assistance and I LOVE visual marketing, especially awesome web apps that make business easier like Canva.

Most people find it hard to brand their blog because they are intimidated by Photoshop’s* learning curve. Actually even those that are absolute Photoshop whizzes sometimes feel it’s just easier to get into Canva for a simple graphic. Believe me it’s really easy to do and I haven’t stopped creating in Canva!

Not sure where to start? Here are 3 ways to enhance your blog post images in Canva to make your posts AWESOME.

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva

Let’s explore a few ways that you can use Canva today to start enhancing your blog posts immediately.

1. Blog Title Image

Have you ever been to a blog where the headline seems so promising, but you just can’t get yourself to read it because it looks… well bland and boring? Sometimes a good headline is not enough. That’s when a blog title image can boost the likelihood of people reading your content.

Canva’s Blog Title design template is best for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn shares. If you’re looking for a portrait or vertical blog title image for Pinterest and Google+ shares you can use Canva’s Blog Graphic template. It works great!

Use Canva's Blog Title templates for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Use the Blog Graphic template for Pinterest and Google+

Use Canva’s Blog Title templates for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Use the Blog Graphic template for Pinterest and Google+. 3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva.

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Read more on

Once you establish if your blog title image should be horizontal or vertical, then you can choose the design template you need in Canva.

Once you establish if your blog title image should be horizontal or vertical, then you can choose the design template you need in Canva.

Canva’s ready-to-use layouts make designing images easy

Believe it or not, many people don’t realize the importance of a blog title image. Some people don’t even use an image at all, which is a BIG mistake. Take advantage of Canva’s ready-to-use layouts as seen here. All you have to do is switch out the text for your own with your branded font.

Many of the templates have set filters which are editable, take a look at the filter settings by clicking the image and see it it’s right for you.

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Read more on

Many Canva layouts have editable filters

Take a look at the examples by Julie Harris and Mad Lemmings below. They have a consistent look that makes their branding distinguished. Any time I see their blog title images in a sea of other images, I know it’s theirs.

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Read more on

Julie Harris Designs keeps her designs consistent and recognizable

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Read more on

Mad Lemmings also has Pinnable images that are instantly recognizable

2. Infographics

Another great way to enhance a blog is by using engaging infographics with incredible stats. People love information that can be absorbed quickly. What better way than with a great looking visual that has bits of information that you can remember. An infographic can help achieve that, PLUS they are super easy to share on Pinterest and Google+.

The best thing is Canva created an infographic template, which is SO helpful. You can use any of the ready to use template designs and switch out the font, colors, and design elements. Have an outline ready for your infographic, which will make it easier to get done.

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Read more on

Take advantage of Canva’s infographic templates as a way

3. Photo Collage

The third way to enhance your blog is with photo collages. People love seeing a variety of similar photos together. It can provide a great visual for instructions, recipes, and tutorials. You’re giving the information your reader wants AND keeping them engaged visually with your content. A recent study from Pinch of Yum’s April Traffic and Income Report states that 70% of longer pins receive more repins than short pins.

Photo collages are a great visual piece with a variety of images in one. You can use the ready-to-use Photo Collage template in Canva to show steps of a recipe or instructions. The Canva photo collage template is square shaped however you can create a photo collage with many of their photo grids.

You can use collages for designs and to display your portfolio. Use the Pinterest template in Canva and the multiple image photo grids as shown below.

3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Read more on

Canva has some great photo collage templates too

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There you have it!

These are pretty simple and effective ways to enhance your blog posts with Canva. Now let’s see your blogs with these additions and your blog posts will become more enjoyable.

If you’d like help with Canva, I’m offering a Canva Course for Business where you’ll find SO many ways to enhance your blog, social media, and overall graphics for your business. Find out more HERE.

Have you used Canva to create blog post images, title images, infographics or photo collages? Let us know in the comments below!

Lillian DeJesus of Tigerlilyva.comAbout Lillian DeJesus
Lillian De Jesus is a Visual Content Marketing Consultant of Tigerlily Virtual Assistance, who specializes in social media management and blogging. She also helps people with inspiring personable teaching with 1-1 training sessions for awesome visual tools like Canva (a graphic design app for the “non-designer”). She also writes inspirational stories on CertainlyHer and is a HUGE childhood cancer awareness advocate. #pediatriccancersucks Tweet her @tigerlilyva11 or find her on Facebook.

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  • Danielle says:

    I’m so excited to dig into this, thank you! I’ve been sporadically using Canva but wasn’t sure what all I could do with it.

  • Diane says:

    I love that Canva has an app for iPad too! Great suggestions!

  • I’ve had a Canva account for ages, but hardly ever use it because my default is Photoshop. I need to head back over though. I see lots of templates that would be really helpful for making images, especially title images! Thanks for the informative post.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Definitely get that Canva account going again! They have lots of great templates that make designs so much easier to create.

      Thanks for commenting,

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Jenny! Yes I usually default to Photoshop too, but I still use Canva, especially when I just want to throw together a quick image. It’s also super great for Social Media posts!

  • I have to agree, a graphic oh your title is pretty vital these days, if it’s something simple, because boy or boy does it bring out content. I use Canva for some graphics, and Picmonkey for others, and they are my complete go-tos, I can’t help it, I love them, and I’m so glad you’ve shared a little about them Lillian, so thank you! I’ll be sure to share this with my followers 🙂

    • Marianne says:

      Agreed Amanda, between Canva and PicMonkey, you can pretty much design anything you want these days! So glad you appreciated Lillian’s post! Be sure to check out her Canva course too!

    • Hi Amanda,

      The title graphic is pretty important but there are SO many people not doing them. PicMonkey is great too! I had my own little debate on my blog as to which was my fave and Canva won!

      Thanks for reading and sharing with your followers!

      Take care,

  • HI Lilian and Marianne!

    These are some great tips! I always use Picmonkey because it offered me the most flexibility from an artistic perspective. When I first tried fitting my blog post titles into the pre-set Canva templates, I just found it frustrating. I’ve been wanting some more options, and keep hearing so many good things about Canva though, it may be time to give it another shot. My only question is, I’ve developed a “look” for my brand design with a particular Pic Monkey font, what if there’s nothing like it in Canva?

    Thanks so much!

    • Marianne says:

      PicMonkey is definitely more flexible when it comes to custom layout and fonts. Canva is great when you’re just needing a quick image that’s already laid out so half the work is already done! So far as I know, Canva doesn’t allow you to use your installed system fonts like PicMonkey does, but I would imagine it’s coming soon.

    • Hi Amy,

      I understand your concern on the fonts because that is important to keep for branding purposes. Right now you cannot upload your own but I’m sure with all the updates that’ll be an option soon. It doesn’t cost anything to take a look at the fonts. Head on over to your account on Canva and check it out. Hopefully they have it or one similar to it!

      Take care,

  • Marissa says:

    Thank you so much for covering infograohics. I’ve been wanting to try to make one since Canva launched the layouts and now I feel like I actually know how 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Keep hearing about how awesome Canva is! Really must try it out! Especially the infographic template that is VERY exciting!!! Need to see if they have an android app to….

  • Liz says:

    I usually use Photoshop but I am glad to hear Canva does infographics. I must try this out.

  • Hi Liz,

    Yes, give Canva a try for the infographics templates. They have lots of icons.

    Take care,

  • This is such a great, visual guide. Love it!

    Julie Harris recently told me about Canva and I haven’t been over to see its potential yet. I’ve used Picmonkey loads but find it a little clunky. Love the infographic template – I’ll be using it soon 🙂

  • Laura says:

    I absolutely love Canva. Photoshop is great, but when I’m only making one graphic, it’s so much easier to pop open Canva (When the internet is already open) than to open Photoshop.

  • BG Jenkins says:

    Hi Lillian, I love Canva for the ease of use and for helping me, a non-designer, come up with outstanding graphics. And of course, Lillian, I always love seeing what you are up to. Thanks so much! Great post!

    • Hey there BG!

      Fancy seeing you over here! I’m so glad you stopped by!

      I hope you get a chance to look around at all the great tips Marianne has to offer on her blog.

      Take care,

  • I love Canva! So cool and easy to use and so fast to get things done. Its so nice to have templates ready to make blog posts, visuals and headers easy to change and get into posts instead of creating new ones each time. I also can’t wait to see Canva for business coming out soon, it looks awesome!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs


    I am using the Photoshop but now you suggest mee Canva so let me try this and thanks for this information.

  • Franca Whyte says:

    I like this post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Sarwar Alam says:

    As a new blogger, This is really an informative post to engage audience through visuals.

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