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5 Unbelievable Deals on Feminine Graphics, Fonts + Patterns

5 Unbelievable Deals on Feminine Fonts, Graphics and Patterns! Don't miss out before this ends Nov. 10, 2014!

5 Unbelievable Deals on Feminine Fonts, Graphics and Patterns! Don't miss out before this ends Nov. 10, 2014!

It’s not often you get a second chance.

Did you miss any of those crazy good font or pattern bundles I raved about over the last few months?

If so you’re in luck! Because you’ve got one more chance to get them!

Oh gosh you guys, I honestly could not help but share these crazy incredible deals that are going on right now!

As you know I’ve been sharing deals from Design Cuts now for a few months and bought a few bundles myself because they are seriously the best design deals you can find anywhere. You literally get hundreds of dollars worth of stuff at 90% (or more) off! That’s why I can’t shut up about them. I honestly don’t know how they do it.

Happy Birthday Design Cuts!

It’s their 1st birthday and to celebrate, they are re-offering all their past deals through Monday November 10th! That means you can get that font pack you almost bought…but didn’t! I know I’ll be getting a couple myself.

Oh and all bundles include commercial licensing so yay!

Here are my faves!

900+ Pretty Patterned Backgrounds for $19

Don’t go searching through free sites looking for the right pattern anymore. Whatever you need is right here for a whopping 93% off.

900+ pattern backgrounds from Maishop for just $19

Just a small sampling of the 900+ pattern backgrounds from Maishop for just $19

The patterns in this bundle are perfect for:

  • Blog backgrounds
  • Printable wrapping paper
  • Desktop background designs
  • Digital or print scrapbooking
  • and more!

This bundle even includes holiday patterns just in time for the holidays!

Go check out this jaw-dropping bundle of gorgeous patterns and get it now for just $19 before you miss out again.

Monster Creative Bundle of 10 Fonts for $29

This is the bundle that first introduced me to Design Cuts and I got so excited I bought it right away plus the next font bundle (below) too! I have been a die-hard fan of Design Cuts ever since.

Monster Creative Font Bundle (Includes Web Fonts) Just $29

Just look at these fonts included in the Monster Creative Font Bundle for just $29!

This deal is so amazing for several reasons:

  • First it includes the entire font families
  • These fonts are designed by some of the best font designers today
  • It includes the web font files, which means you can use them on your blog
  • You can use these fonts commercially but also in any items that you sell
  • If bought individually, these fonts would run you over $1000. Now you can get them at 97% off.

I have never regretted getting this font bundle and as you can tell from my post title images, I use them a lot! Don’t regret not getting this one!

The Ultimate Creative Vector Collection for $29

Oh my where do I even start with this one?? This is seriously THE ultimate bundle if you want all sorts of girly hand-drawn graphic elements and it’s 91% off for this week only!!

A sampling of the Biggest, Most Creative Vector Collection Ever for just $29

A sampling of the Biggest, Most Creative Vector Collection Ever for just $29

This incredible bundle includes hand-drawn doodles, floral flourishes, ribbons, banners, frames, clip art….. SWOON!

The best part? You don’t have to have Illustrator to use these. Many of the files include .EPS or .PSD files which will open in Photoshop* or Photoshop Elements. And even if you don’t have those programs, you still get .PNG versions that you can open up in any free graphics editing program (PicMonkey, Pixlr, Fotor, etc.).

DO NOT let this one deal pass you by, I’m telling you now, you will regret it. Get the Ultimate Creative (Girly) Vector Collection for just $29 right now.

Huge Creative Bundle of 11 Fonts for $28

Equally as amazing as the last font bundle, this is another crazy amazing set of fonts that I use all the time. Just look at them:

I love these fonts so much! Huge Creative Font Bundle (Including Web Fonts) Just $28

I love these fonts so much! Huge Creative Font Bundle (Including Web Fonts) just $28

This deal is amazing for all the same reasons as the last font bundle. It’s just an insanely good deal. I remember when I first posted about this on my Facebook page, a few people were sad to have seen the message too late. Don’t be one of those this time!

The All-Inclusive Design Bundle for $29

This is the variety pack for those of you who want options from one bundle. It includes 5 best-selling fonts, hundreds of popular vectors, textures, hand-drawn items, brushes, Photoshop* actions and even ebooks and stock photography. Oh and you can even add watercolor texture to your text, logos or shapes, how cool is that??

The All Inclusive Design Bundle (Includes 1000s of Best Selling Items) Just $29

Sampling of the All Inclusive Design Bundle (Includes 1000s of Best Selling Items) Just $29

And this entire bundle is just $29 (or 97% off).

And of course don’t forget these past deals I already wrote about:

As they are also back on the market for this week only!

The Massive Patterns, Textures and Backgrounds Bundle (review here)

30 Best Selling Creative Fonts (With Web Fonts and Extended Licensing) (review here)

Don’t Miss Out Again

I highly doubt these deals will be offered again so don’t miss it. All the deals end Monday the 10th so HURRY!!

Which is your favorite?

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  • Christy Bryson says:

    Hi! I have been combing through your pins for a few days. Using some of your awesome tutorials for my new (and 12th blog in 12 years. LOL) blog, which is geared towards moms of athletes. I am looking for a font that looks like an athletes name on the back of a letteman jacket, you know, with the big flourish underneath. I have found some great varsity fonts, but that’s not really what I’m looking for. Have you seen anything like that anywhere? You know, off the top of your head.

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Christy! Thanks for looking around the site, I hope you’ve found some useful stuff! So haha off the top of my head, one does come to mind, if I’m imagining this correctly. Try Ballpark Weiner which is a free font I don’t think the font itself comes with the flourish underneath, but it does kind of look like it could be used in a baseball team logo.

      Hopefully it’s close? Or try and provide a pic if you can. 🙂

  • Carol says:

    Thanks for another awesome share Marianne!

    We really appreciate the support and such awesome feedback :).

  • I love how you use graphic design to show your personality! It’s a great example of using a variety of different designs with a consistent theme. Great job!

  • Ask no questions and hear no lies says:

    Hi Marianne,
    Did you get a license file, an actual EULA agreement with those files?
    Do you know what falls under DC “extended” license – exactly* what you can or can’t do with those files? don’t you think you should get a license file?
    Did your invoice detailed what’s in “the bundle” or did it just say “huge-creative-fonts” ? don’t you think you should get a detailed invoice stating what you purchased?

    • Marianne says:

      Hi there! Sorry for the late reply, i just got home from a 2 week vacation unplugged!

      Yes, all Design Cuts deals come with full licensing to use the files for both personal and commercial projects. The license files are included in the bundle.

      In terms of a detailed invoice, I am not sure I understand the question or the point of it. Could you elaborate more on this?

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