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Friday Faves #13: a weekly dose of lovely design inspiration

Friday Faves: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration from
Friday Faves: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration
Friday Faves: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration from

Friday Faves: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration

It’s Black and White Day!

It looks like Black and White has been quite popular on the runways recently.

Then I noticed a lot of black and white all over the place so decided to dedicate this Friday Faves issue to Black and White.

Just having a little fun!

For those of you who don’t know, Friday Faves is a collection of lovely freebies and design stuff I’ve found throughout the week. It’s usually a sampling of what I share on my Facebook page so be sure to like me there for even more cool stuff!

DYOB Update

You may or may not remember that I mentioned last week I would get a This Month’s Web Design Term out this week. Well I didn’t and I’ll tell you why.

I started writing a post and got pretty far with it until I realized I was just bored with it. And if I’M bored with it, YOU certainly will be too!

So I’m scrapping this fledgling series for the time being. It’s about fun and design stuff here, you can find techy stuff on a million other blogs, right?

Or am I being too hasty? If so, what kinds of things do you want to know about?

Recent Posts

Did you miss last week’s faves #12?

What’s the surest way not to fail?

Emerging or Current Design Trends

Black and white in 2014, by jenniferkyoo on Polyvore

Black and white in 2014, courtesy of jenniferkyoo on Polyvore

Black and White never really left as a trend per se, but it’s certainly making a splashback in Spring 2014. We’re seeing it everywhere from fashion to graphic design and you may have even noticed that a lot of blogs are now going black and white, particularly fashion blogs.

Favorite Friday Font

Download Caecilia Light free. Hound's-tooth graveyard by fdecomite, on Flickr.

Download Caecilia Light free

Most weights of Caecilia are available for purchase at MyFonts, but you can download the Light weight of it (the only one I really wanted anyway) for free from FontZone.

Free Downloads

Black and white freebie downloads: social media icons, chalkboard texture, gift tags, label

Black and white freebie downloads

Free black and white social media icons from BKTN Agency.

Beautiful black and white gift tag printables from

Free Clothing Label PSD from Pixeden. Wouldn’t this be cute as a label for a blog post title image or the background to a logo or background to a sidebar widget? What would you use this for?

Free Blogging Resources

Add Social Media Share Buttons Anywhere Without a Plugin. This is a nice little trick from Susan Silver at Inspire to Thrive.

Download 5 Free Blog Post Templates from HubSpot. These Word templates can be pretty handy to give you ideas on what to write about.

Identify fonts in your browser with Fount. Drag the little bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar to identify any web font you see! Pretty cool!

Lovely Blog Themes I Found

Want a black and white template for your blog? How about one of these? They’re quite affordable.

For Blogger:

DIY Hello Dreamer Design / Customizable Blogger Template Design

DIY Hello Dreamer Design / Customizable Blogger Template Design

For WordPress:
I am so in love with this theme, I almost hesitated sharing it with you because I’m pretty tempted to switch my site to this one.

SimpleMag WordPress Theme for Magazine Websites

SimpleMag WordPress Theme for Magazine Websites

Friday Funny

I'm very font of you because you're just my type.

I’m very font of you because you’re just my type.

Awww, so cute! You can get this in a print, tshirt, mug, bag, etc. from Amazon (affiliate link).

Have a Lovely Weekend!

For more Friday Faves posts, click here.
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Your Two Cents!

What do you think about me scrapping the Web Design Term series? Should I keep it? Please let me know below, I love to hear from you! Really!

And as always, please share this with your friends!

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