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Friday Faves #14: a weekly dose of design inspiration // Cozy + Rustic

Friday Faves: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration from

Your Weekly Dose of Cozy Blog Design Inspiration!

It’s that time of year.

It’s still autumn but the holiday season is already abuzz and people are starting to hunker down and get cozy.

Today’s Faves is all about good ole’ rustic freebie goodness. Sorta…

For those of you who don’t know, Friday Faves is a collection of lovely freebies and design stuff I’ve found throughout the week. It’s usually a sampling of what I share on my Facebook page so be sure to like me there for even more cool stuff!


Telio Textures recently posted about a Fall 2013 trend called Lumber Jill. “She’s strong, loves her plaid, cottage sweaters, fur, leather and hot chocolate!”

I won’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of winter, but that just got me in the cozy fall mood so this week’s theme is: Cozy & Rustic.

So put on your Nordic sweater, grab a hot chocolate or tea and get cozy!

Recent Posts

How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form for your Blog without a Plugin

Photo courtesy of

You may recall last month when I posted a showcase of 46 Beautiful Opt-ins and Subscribe buttons and since then more than a few of you have asked me how to design your own. In case you’ve missed it this week, I wrote up a tutorial explaining just how to do this yourself!

It’s a four part series called How to Design a Custom Opt-in Form without a Plugin that began this week with Part 1: Create an Opt-in Form in MailChimp. Part 2: Embed the Form in Your Blog followed the day after.

Be sure to get caught up on these this weekend before we go into the slightly more involved Parts 3 and 4 where we create our custom designs and then add the designs to our forms. The tutorial should wrap up next week if all goes well 😉

I’m working on my very first video screen capture so cross your fingers!

Current Design Trend

As mentioned above, according to Telio Textures, Fall 2013 is about Lumber Jill, rustic cabins, Nordic sweaters, leather boots. I just loved these pics so much, I created a new Pinterest board called Rustic Cabin. Check it out!

Lumber Jill is so Fall 2013

Lumber Jill is so Fall 2013

Favorite Friday Font

How about a nice free Rustic font called Haymaker from Lost Type.

Haymaker: A display typeface that's both rugged and refined. Inspired by the workmanship, lettering, and baseball jerseys of the 1930's and 40's.

Haymaker: A display typeface that’s both rugged and refined.

Free Downloads

Some nice free cozy image downloads of that first snow!

Free photo downloads...winter, first snow, holly berries, candy apple, let it snow!

Oh the weather outside’s DE-lightful! Maybe….

  1. holly berries photo credit: Muffet via photopin
  2. let it snow photo credit: Love from Ginger
  3. little girl photo credit: Harpersbizarre via photopin
  4. candied apple photo credit: Free image of the week from Shutterstock.

Free Blogging Resources

After making my own first Slideshare this week, I noticed a couple of good ones, like this brief synopsis on design. It’s definitely worth a look at if you want to learn any basic principles of design, layout and typography.

If you can’t view the Slideshare for some reason, visit it here: Designing Presentations from The Media Kitchen

Lovely Blog Crush

How cute is this adorable illustrator’s blog? And it’s got a nice autumn theme too!

Lovely blog: Lauryn Green: Illustration, lifestyle and photography

Lauryn Green: Illustration, lifestyle and photography

Friday Funny

I couldn’t resist this one. Who can relate to this?'s Friday Faves weekly funny


Have a Wonderful + Cozy Weekend!

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