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Friday Faves #15: a weekly dose of lovely design inspiration

Friday Faves #19: The last Friday Faves??
The last Friday Faves??
Friday Faves #15: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration from

Black Friday Faves!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Faves!

Hope all my US readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend it with your families!

Sorry you didn’t get a Friday Faves last week. Unfortunately my son had the croup and it pretty much knocked our entire family out for a few days.

For those of you who don’t know, Friday Faves is a collection of lovely freebies and design stuff I’ve found throughout the week. It’s usually a sampling of what I share on my Facebook page so be sure to like me there for even more cool stuff!

DYOB Update

In light of Thanksgiving being so recent, I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for reading my stuff. Without your enthusiasm for my posts, I wouldn’t still be here writing each week and collecting all sorts of cool things to share.

I look forward to connecting with you so I’ve been slowly working through my subscriber list and commenters to see what you guys are up to and saying hello. If I haven’t come by your blog to say hi yet, know that I will soon (as long as I can find you)!

I’ve also decided that every Wednesday, I’d like you to share what you’re up to on my Facebook page. We did the first share about 2 weeks ago and it was great! Some of you connected and became followers of each other’s blogs, awesome! It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’ve connected like-minded people ๐Ÿ™‚

So if you haven’t joined us yet on a Wednesday to share with us, please do so next week!

So without further ado, let’s get on to the fun stuff!

Recent Posts

How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form for your Blog without a Plugin

How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form for your Blog without a Plugin

Ever felt like you wanted to give your opt-in form some more pizzazz?

Then you should be following my tutorial on How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form without a Plugin? About 2 weeks ago we began with creating our forms, then embedding them into our blogs.

This past week I finally published Part 3A where I show you how to plan out the size and shape of your sidebar opt-in box, so if you haven’t seen it yet and want to get caught up before we wrap it up, check it out.

Favorite Friday Font

Journal - Free handwritten font from dafont

Journal – Free handwritten font from dafont

This sweet handwritten font was created by Fountourist and includes a bunch of cute hand-drawn ligatures. Download “Journal” free from DaFont.

Handwritten Gentil font intro price 50% off

Handwritten Gentil font intro price 50% off

So I know this one ain’t free, but the intro price on the new Gentil font expires next Friday, December 8th. And seriously, how cute is it??

Free Downloads

Free web design ebooks, graphics, tools and resources
Sitepoint is offering up a bundle that comes with more than $1,000 worth of stuff including:

  • Marketing, project management, and SEO tools
  • Free vector icons, graphics and Photoshop* brushes
  • Ebooks on web design and development
  • and more

Make sure to claim your bundle fast because all offers expire at the end of the year.

More Bloggy, Graphic-y Free Stuff
InkyDeals is offering textured and repeating backgrounds, fonts, badges, icons, photo frames, a WordPress theme, and even an HTML & CSS course for beginners! There’s a lot more, some good, some eh, but it’s definitely worth downloading and checking it out.

OMG i found the BEST thing ever!
Ever wanted to make a cool 3D looking ebook cover but wasn’t sure how to create it? This free download of ebook template Photoshop actions* also from InkyDeals is awesome.

You click the first action to create a flat book cover and spine. Then you add your custom design and images. Next, click on the second action and it automagically transforms your design into a 3D style image! It’s pretty darn cool.

eBook template Photoshop actions

eBook template Photoshop* actions

There are a bunch of different kinds of templates included, like hard and soft cover books, pamphlets, etc. so check them all out. Expires soon so hurry up.

Wood Textures Download
You might want to download these wood textures for later, you never know when you might need them. Last year I was looking for some for a project and I couldn’t find any decent free ones anywhere!

Free Blogging Resources

Photoshop Elements 12 Discount
I just updated the Adobe Flash player in my browser and after it was done, it told me about this deal. If you’ve been thinking about getting Photoshop Elements, you might want to jump on it now (expires Monday)! Regular price is $99.

Photoshop Elements 12 discount

Photoshop Elements 12 discount

I tried pasting the URL above (click the image) into another browser of mine and I had to do it twice to get this deal to come up, so try it a few times. Otherwise it looks like Costco has it for the same price through December 1st. So HURRY!

More Free Stock Images
I found another stock photo source called Lightstock that gives away a free Christ-centered image each week.

Design Inspiration
This free Chrome browser app shows you all the latest designs and design news each time you open a new browser tab. Now you don’t have to think about searching for inspiration anymore! Download Geisha.

Other Lovely Things That Inspired Me This Week

Instagrammy-Photo App
I’ve been waiting for the A Beautiful Mess app for Android to come out for months and yesterday it finally did! This adorable $0.99 app lets you dress up your photographs with cute doodles, text and frames. Check out what it does here.

Lovely Blog Crush

I found another adorable blog to crush on recently. It’s called Hello Monday and she’s got some pretty awesome mood boards worth checking out!

Friday Funny

I’m Blogging!

Doesn’t it feel like this sometimes? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

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Your Two Cents!

Did you get any of these deals or freebies? I’d love to hear what you think, let me know below!

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