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Friday Faves #3: a weekly dose of lovely inspiration

Friday Faves! free downloads | inspiration | blog resources at
Friday Faves! free downloads | inspiration | blog resources at

Friday Faves! free downloads | inspiration | blog resources

I like to end the week sharing my week with you as well as some lovely things I’ve found on the web this past week that I think you’ll like too. If you follow my Facebook page or Pinterest, you may have seen some of these already if you didn’t miss it in your timelines. If you don’t follow my page, you should because I post a lot more than just this list!

Btw, none of the links in this post are affiliate links, I’m just sharing because I thought you’d enjoy!

My Update:

Sorry things have been a little quiet around DYOB this past week or so. I am working on a piece of Kim Doyal’s (aka TheWPChick) new WordPress Genesis for Beginners Course 2.0. Details to come if you’re interested. It’s taking a lot of time to write out the lesson and format it into a new PDF and the timeline is a bit short, so I’ve been putting all my time and energy into that. I’m publishing my Friday Faves a little late and I’ve even let the #augustbreak2013 fall by the wayside! gasp!

Free Downloads:

A new site was announced this week that showcases free historical public domain photographs. Definitely check it out as some of these retro photos may be just perfect for your blog posts: New Old Stock.
new old stock photography: free public domain stock photography downloads

Shutterstock has some great free downloads this week that end Sunday, so don’t miss out! You will have to create a free account if you don’t have one already.
Free stock photography and vector downloads at Shutterstock this week.

Free Blogging Resources:

Do you use WordPress and MailChimp together? If so, you may be interested in this plugin I found this week. It’s actually been around a while, but hey I was late to the party, k? The MailChimp Comment Optin plugin places a subscribe checkbox underneath the comment form on your posts. I just installed it so if you haven’t subscribed yet (you know who you are, tsk tsk!) go ahead and leave me a comment and check that little box! If you’re already subscribed, it’s smart enough to know that too!

Lovely Blog Crush:

I just pinned a whole bunch of new lovely blogs to my Lovely Blog Design Inspiration board. Too many to list here, just go check it out and follow it too!
lovely blog design inspiration

Friday Funny:

Comic Sans means business

The ANZ means business The ANZ Bank in Kilbirnie (formerly the National Bank) is very serious about business banking. You can tell from their usage of Comic Sans.

Found this funny Tumblr today called Font Police who is patrolling the world for bad typography and issuing misdemeanors for spelling mistakes and lengthy sentences. Now, I don’t claim to understand all their typographic jokes, but they do have a few funnies. Worth checking out.

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Please feel free to send me submissions of your own faves and inspiration for future Friday Faves. I’d also love to hear from you anything specific that you’d like to learn about blog design, Photoshop,* CSS, whatever.

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