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Friday Faves #6: a weekly dose of lovely design inspiration

Friday Faves! free downloads | inspiration | blog resources at
Friday Faves! free downloads | inspiration | blog resources

Friday Faves! free downloads | inspiration | blog resourcesI like to end each week sharing some lovely things I’ve found on the web that I think you’ll like too. If you follow my Facebook page or Pinterest, you may have seen some of these already if you didn’t miss it in your timelines. If you don’t follow my page, you should because I post a lot more than just this list!

Btw, none of the links in this post are affiliate links unless I say so, I’m just sharing because I thought you’d enjoy!

My Update:

So as usual I waited til the last minute to write this post and then I forgot I had to go out for a friend’s birthday tonight so here I am burning the midnight oil. That’s my way of saying this is going to be a short post 😉

My latest posts:

Font-Fight: Wisdom Script vs Thirsty Script -
If you’re like me and you love fonts, you’ll like this quirky little post about two very popular fonts right now: Font Fight! Wisdom Script vs Thirsty Script.

Why not check this out from the archives?
This Week’s Web Design Term: CSS

Free Downloads:

Free Fonts
Free Font Resource for Bloggers! from Friday Faves #6 on
Speaking of fonts, I found another site with some pretty awesome free fonts: Kenjiboy. Check em out.

Free Geometrics
Geometric Free Download
If you follow me on Pinterest, you know how popular Geometric patterns are right now.
Download some FREE geometric backgrounds from Creative Market before Sunday and try some out on your blog!

Free Blogging Resources:

Simple URL for Google+
If you use Google+ you may have noticed that the page URLs aren’t quite friendly. Like mine is Wow like that’s easy to remember right?

I found a nifty little redirect tool that’s free and it will give you a short version of your URL. It’s called Mine is now 🙂

How much do you really need?
Want your blog to allow you the freedom to quit your job? Find out how much money you really need at Nomadtopia. (it’s less than you think)

Friday Funny:

This week’s funny is from Beethoven. I think he’s feeling a little ripped off. Oh well, what can ya do?

Beethoven: I used the

Beethoven: I used the “#” in front of everything….BEFORE Twitter

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Told you it’d be short and sweet this week. I promise more next week, g’nite!

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Your Two Cents!

Got other lovely design faves or recommendations you’d like to share? Maybe even your own? Please leave a comment below!

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