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Friday Faves #7: a weekly dose of lovely design inspiration

Friday Faves: Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration from #blogdesign #bloggraphics #freefonts #freegraphics #wordpress

Your Weekly Dose of Blog Design Inspiration!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing these Friday Faves for 7 weeks already, crazy! In case you aren’t familiar, at the end of each week I share some lovely blog design related things I’ve found on the web that I think you’ll like too. This is usually a sampling of what I share on my Facebook page so be sure to like me there for even more cool stuff!

Btw, none of the links in this post are affiliate links, I’m just sharing because I thought you’d enjoy!

My Update:

Hey did you notice my new Friday Faves graphic above? So remember a few weeks ago I told you about this new online graphics program called Canva? That’s a graphic I made with it. It was super easy. The background is one they include but you can change the color of it to whatever you want. Then the circle graphic is pre-made. I just changed the font colors and the fonts to what I wanted. Then I added that little banner at the bottom and added text to that too. Oh and I threw in a little arrow behind the circle for good measure. Super easy-peasy!

The program currently offers about 100 fonts but they will be adding more over time. There are over a million images you can choose from, most of them free. Others you pay $1 a piece. This one I made was created using only free elements. But you can also upload any photo or graphic you already own and use those in your graphics, so you can really get away with using the whole thing for free.

I haven’t played with it for too long, but here is another graphic I created with Canva.

FYI: Canva is only open for beta testing right now but they are slowly rolling out logins, so get on the list now before you forget! I don’t get anything from you signing up, just thought this would be a super useful tool for your blog posts!

Free Downloads:

Silverfake has been around a little while, but it’s such a cool font, I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s a contemporary slab serif display font by Alexey Frolov. It’s great for both retro and modern designs and appropriate for logos, text over photos or posters. I wouldn’t recommend it for page headings because it’s only available in capital letters and it’s also a bit too wide.

Download Silverfake free from FontFabric
Download Silverfake for free from FontFabric.

Free Blogging Resources:

Oh So Pinteresting!
Everything you want to know about Pinterest and more can be found at this info packed website, Oh So Pinteresting!

Want to easily put up quotes over images and pin them? Check out Chisel. You can type any favorite quote and pick one of their images for a background. Then download it and upload to your Facebook page or Pinterest boards.

Lovely Blog Crush:

The Secret O.W.L. Society
Michelle Rohr’s site is so cute! I like her color palette, the polka dots and her ultra positive posts about taking 100% responsibility for your life.

The Secret O.W.L Society is a lovely website design!

Lovely Blog Themes I Found:

For WordPress:
Bueno is a great free theme for WordPress from WooThemes. WooThemes is a reputable WordPress theme company so you don’t have to worry about any embedded spyware here.

Bueno WordPress theme is a great choice for a lovely blog!
It’s pink and polka-dotted and cute for a girly blog. You can customize the colors and fonts as you wish through the CSS. Here’s what I did with it for our family blog I haven’t updated in forever!

Customized Bueno WordPress theme

Friday Funny:

This week’s funny is about typography. Enjoy!
I shot the Serif - typography joke

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

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