Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest posting opportunities on Read the guidelines here to learn how to submit your guest post request!

Would You Like to Contribute to Design Your Own (lovely) Blog?

I’m currently accepting guest submissions to the DYOB blog! Please read ALL the guidelines below before submitting.

Please note that I only accept guest posts from people in the DYOB community

This is because people in the community already know what type of content I share and understand my audience.

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Suggested Topics for Guest Post Submissions

The best way to get an idea for the type of content I write on DYOB is to look through past posts. Or check out the categories in the menu up top. Submissions MUST on one of the following subjects…

  • Blog / web design
  • Graphics
  • Color / color trends
  • Design trends
  • Easy HTML / CSS tutorials
  • Typography
  • Starting a blog
  • Growing your blog’s traffic

At this time I am NOT accepting posts on any other topics.

Guest Posting Guidelines

To Pitch an Idea:

  1. Try to find a gap in the content on DYOB to fill. Tutorials are always popular.
  2. Posts should be useful and actionable for the reader.
  3. Offer something that has not previously been published on your blog or on another blog.
  4. Send me your idea (bullet points are helpful) and 2-3 proposed headlines by filling out the form below.

Writing Guidelines

Once we’ve agreed on a topic, please follow these writing guidelines. It may seem like a lot, but it’s just basic stuff that should be included in every post you write anyway.


  • Write your post around a targeted keyword or key phrase. Use this keyword/phrase in the headline and throughout the post.
  • Come up with 2-3 strong headlines. Tips here:
  • Break up content with subheadings that draw the reader in.
  • Keep paragraphs readable by cutting them down to 2-4 sentences each.
  • Be sure to include actionable steps for the reader.
  • Include links to past posts on DYOB if applicable. Use the search bar at the very top right.
  • Include a summarizing statement or paragraph and 1-2 questions to provoke comments at the end.
  • Carefully edit and proofread several times!! Please ask someone to read through it before submitting it. I am not an editor and don’t have time to proofread.
  • Try to include at least 1-2 images. Images should be 700px wide if possible. Include attributions to the image owner including a link to where it can be found.
  • Email your guest post in a Word doc and attach your images separately, while indicating in the doc where they should appear.


  • Forget to include a byline (short bio) on yourself (about 3-5 sentences) including a photo (300px x 300px) and link to your blog.
  • Include affiliate links.
  • Violate any copyright laws on images or content!
  • Submit content that has been published somewhere else and do not publish this content in it’s exact form elsewhere in the future.

You may include a link or reference to one of your own relevant products if it applies. You may link to an offer of a free gift or email course on your own website if it is relevant to the post.

After Your Submission

  • I will let you know if anything needs to be edited or changed.
  • I will let you know what date it is planned to be published and send the URL by the night before.
  • Please share your post with your followers on your social media networks and feel free to write a quick summarizing post on your blog the day of publishing that links to your article here at DYOB.
  • Please check back throughout the day to reply to comments and questions on your guest post in a timely fashion. Brownie points if you check back a few times that week too for straggling comments.
Note: A guest poster cannot republish their guest post elsewhere now or in the future; it must remain unique to DYOB. Here’s why.

That’s it!

Thanks for your submission, I look forward to reading it!

Please note that it is not guaranteed you will receive a reply if you submit an idea below, especially if it is evident you did not read the guidelines above.

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By entering your info in the above form, I will receive your email address which will only be used to reply to your request. It will not be saved or stored anywhere.

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