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How to Design a Custom Opt-in form without a Plugin // Part 2

How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form for your Blog without a Plugin
How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form for your Blog without a Plugin
Tutorial: How to Design a Custom Opt-In Form for your Blog without a Plugin

Tutorial Part 2: Embed an Opt-in Form in your Blog

Opt-in forms are essential if you want to take blogging seriously.

And since publishing my showcase of beautiful opt-in forms, many of you have asked me how to create a custom form for your own blogs.

So today is step 2 of the tutorial I made just for you.

Tutorial Syllabus

  1. In Part 1, we created an opt-in form using MailChimp.*
  2. In Part 2, we now embed that form into our blogs.
  3. In Part 3, we’ll design our forms, then
  4. In Part 4, we’re going to style our embedded forms using CSS.

Please note that the MailChimp link above is a referral link, which means if you sign up using that link, if and when you become a paying customer, I will receive a small commission. I would like you to know however that I am not referring MailChimp because of this, I am referring them explicitly for the reasons stated here and nothing more.

UPDATE: I should mention that Parts 2-4 will still apply REGARDLESS OF THE EMAIL SERVICE you decide to use. So if you’re already using one and you’re happy with it, don’t switch over just for this tutorial!

Part 2

(If you’re reading this in an RSS reader or email, you’ll have to click through to the article to view the Slideshare below).

If for some reason you are having trouble viewing the Slideshare, follow this link to view it on the Slideshare website.

Part 3

Tune in next week for Part 3 where we get to have fun and create our designs!

Top photo courtesy of Love from Ginger.

I’d love to hear what you think of this tutorial and of course if you have any questions, leave them below! I LOVE comments!

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