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The Power of a Killer Newsletter and How It Can Take Your Blog to the Next Level

An Inbox of Opportunity. Creating Killer Newsletters for Bloggers. Learn more and sign up here!

Have you been looking for ways to increase engagement and create a community?

Have you been taking full advantage of an email list to build up your business?

Have you been totally overwhelmed by the thought of creating a killer email newsletter? Then keep reading my friend…

An Inbox of Opportunity. Creating Killer Newsletters for Bloggers. Learn more and sign up here!
Did you know that…

  • 91% of people check their emails daily?
  • 74% prefer to receive commercial communications by email?
  • 66% of people have made a purchase as a result from an email marketing message?
  • email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%?

Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?
I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do: you’re gonna go out and create the best darn newsletter you can make!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I will earn a small commission should you choose to buy using my link. I only promote products I fully endorse and use myself. Read full disclosure here.

Here’s How You’re Gonna Do It

Lovelies, I am super excited to announce that registration opens TODAY for an INCREDIBLE self-paced eCourse from my dear friend, Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea & Saving Grace!

In An Inbox of Opportunity, you’ll learn exactly how to set up, design, and send newsletter campaigns using the FREE MailChimp platform.

There will be tons of worksheets, cheat sheets, homework assignments, a private group* to keep you on track, and a 160 page ebook.

If you’ve been subscribed to my email list for a while, you may have noticed it was a little lacking. It was on my list for months to revamp it and bring more focus to it. While reading through Kirsten’s eBook last week, I was inspired to finally make some changes.

I sent out my first redesigned email last Friday outlining the new direction of my subscriptions and wow did it feel good! It’s a work in progress but I finally just got the ball rolling. I am still working my way through the eBook so expect more changes down the line if you’re a subscriber.

Inbox of Opportunity is offered at 3 AFFORDABLE price points: $75, $95 and $165.

Inbox of Opportunity is an amazing ecourse/ebook on creating awesome newsletter and is offered at 3 affordable price points: $75, $95 and $165!

Inbox of Opportunity is offered at 3 affordable price points: $75, $95 and $165!

Registration opens today and space is limited >>> Sign Up Now!

What You’ll Learn

So, what exactly will you learn in An Inbox of Opportunity?

  • First you’ll begin by learning why newsletters are important to bloggers and creatives in the first place. You’ll also find out why they are more reliable than social media for reaching and engaging with your target audience.
  • Next you’ll learn about all the legalities of having a newsletter campaign, i.e. what’s allowed and what’s not so you can stay legit!
  • Then, Kirsten will take you step-by-step through a tour of the MailChimp dashboard so you can learn the ins and outs of this robust platform. Here she’ll walk you through importing subscribers from Feedburner or the like, setting up custom forms, creating custom templates, and sending out your first newsletter.
  • She also goes into creating custom thank you pages (with ideas) and brainstorming opt-in offers that people actually want and how to deliver them.
  • You’ll also find out about the various ways to gather email addresses and learn how to customize both RSS-driven and regular newsletter campaigns.
  • Of course there’s a whole lot more in the eBook and eCourse, I just can’t fit it all into this post.
A sampling of pages from An Inbox of Opportunity, Creating Killer Newsletters

A sampling of pages from An Inbox of Opportunity, Creating Killer Newsletters

By the time you’ve completed the course you will have a complete understanding of how MailChimp works and have a full toolbox to create any custom newsletter your blog or business needs, including the creation of auto-responders and analytics reports.

Kirsten’s straightforward approach and non-techy language is instrumental in YOU getting the absolute most out of this course!

You’ll also have an opportunity to schedule a private one-on-one with Kirsten to get personalized suggestions on how to improve your newsletter. Um… yes please!

Are you ready to create a killer newsletter? Sweet! Then let’s go sign you up! >>>

Who is Kirsten Thompson?

Kirsten Thompson, the instructor for An Inbox of Opportunity, an awesome ecourse and ebook about creating awesome newsletters for your blog!
Kirsten has been blogging since 2010 sharing craft projects, home decor and organization ideas. Her current blog is Sweet Tea & Saving Grace. In 2014, she began offering services as a VA and soon realized that newsletter creation was her #1 most requested service.

Since then, Kirsten has created custom newsletters for great blogs like Yellow Bliss Road, Clean & Scentsible, Ella Claire, Domestically Speaking, Run to Radiance, and more. She is also leading a session on newsletter creation this summer at the Haven Conference in Atlanta!

>>> Learn more about An Inbox of Opportunity here and Sign up before it fills up! <<<

What I Learned From An Inbox of Opportunity

No review is complete unless I tell you what I personally got from this course, right? Well, since I had already been using MailChimp for almost two years now, at first I thought there wouldn’t be too much in the course that would be new to me. Boy was I wrong!

Here are a few of the things I learned that I didn’t already know:

  • I can’t use affiliate links from a very popular program in newsletters!
  • How to find my Top 5 campaigns and what to do with that data.
  • How to customize the look of my RSS emails, suuuuper cool!
  • How to reward long-term subscribers.
  • How to track where on my blog sign ups are coming from.
  • What plugin will help me add a sign up form to the ends of my posts (I did this manually before, ya’ll and it ain’t easy!)
  • The best ways for creating custom email templates.
  • And way more than I can even list here without giving the whole eCourse away!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

You KNOW how important newsletter are. So go on, get that newsletter going! I know mine will be changing quite a bit for the better over the next few weeks, thanks to Kirsten!

Sign Up Now!

*Private Facebook group is for level 2 and 3 packages only.

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  • “Thank-you” doesn’t seem sufficient for your endless support & encouragement for me throughout the creation process and the launch of this course. I appreciate you more than I can express in this little comment box. Your review is fantastic, and the best part is, I know it’s 100% truthful.
    I’m honored that you wanted to read the ebook and I’m even more honored that you found useful information in that ebook and put it into action. Your newsletter looks amazing! Thank you friend – you’ve made my day! 🙂
    Kirsten – Sweet Tea & Saving Grace recently posted…Introducing An Inbox of Opportunity EcourseMy Profile

    • Marianne says:

      Aw Kirsten, how could I not support you and this amazing product? I haven’t seen anything like it and it’s sooo soooo necessary for a blogger’s success to have an awesome newsletter. 🙂

  • This is AMAZING Marianne. What a detailed and thorough review of Kirsten’s course. I loved what you shared about what you didn’t know about your newsletter. We all seem to understand the basics of Mailchimp for the most part, but there is so so so much more to take advantage of that many of us just never look into. Kirsten makes utilizing all of these features seem so much more actionable and easy. I am working on redesigning my newsletter templates to help streamline my newsletters and build more visual consistency in what I send out so people will know where to go to find different features. I am also going to revisit my RSS feed. That has been such a scary feature to me and I never like the way it was being sent out, but now with this resource I have the perfect detailed guide to help me get it right. Thanks ladies! You ROCK!!!
    Julie Harris recently posted…Brand Expansion April 2015 | How To Increase Your Brands EngagementMy Profile

    • Marianne says:

      Haha yes! I know what you mean about being scared of your list! I have definitely made a few improvements from just reading some of Kirsten’s book. I have a lot more to go through and change, but bit by bit! At least I feel good that I now have a bit more structure and schedule to it instead of flying by the seat of my pants, haha! Thanks for sharing Julie!

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