Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow!

Effortlessly Create a Professional Looking Blog without Spending Thousands!

The Blog Beautiful digital guide reveals:

  • How to create a consistent blog design using your existing design skills
  • The secret to a successful blog design that most bloggers miss
  • What key elements your blog must have to be taken seriously and get you more clients
  • Which 2 things, if your blog misses them, can keep you stuck in amateur mode

The Guide Will Teach You:

  • How to create a consistent, professional blog design using your existing design skills
  • What visitors do when they land on your blog, and how to guide them to become customers and raving fans
  • The secret to a successful blog design that most bloggers miss
  • The key to formatting a blog post that your audience can’t wait to share
  • Small, easily actionable steps to develop your blog piece by piece – without being overwhelmed
  • The best way to create your own images, make them Pinnable, and ensure they’re shared by everyone who sees them

And of course so much more!

A sample of pages from the eBook, Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow. An easy to follow book for non-designers and female solopreneurs!

Blog Beautiful testimonial from Kate Voda of Kate Voda Photography -"I just bought your book today. My business is about to fail and I'm totally desperate. I'm a family and portrait photographer who is *terrible* at marketing and promoting myself so the other day I sat down and tried to figure out an easy way to make myself more visible for very little $$ since I have no business budget! I know my blog needs to be my biggest promoter, but I have always hated my business blog. It has no direction and it looks like hell.

I dove right into the book and couldn't be more thrilled with it. I'm only on page 14 (the why, why, why exercise) and realized exactly the direction that my blog needs to go. I'm so pumped and just had to send you a thank you. If this is such a game changer on page 14, I can't wait to see what else is in store!"
- Kate Voda Photography,

The Chapters

A sneak peak at what’s inside:

  • Your Goals: Be clear on who you are, Consistency + Focus, Navigation That Makes Sense
  • Look + Feel: Visual hierarchy and contrast, Using the Grid, Colors, Fonts, Backgrounds
  • Your Header: Design a header that makes an immediate impact
  • The Sidebar: Clean it up, Showcase your services
  • Your Post Pages: Headlines that make reading your posts irresistible, How to write posts that get read and shared
  • Post Footers: What to include and how to perfect them
  • Pretty Pictures: How to use images to keep readers scrolling, get traffic, likes and shares
  • The Details: Getting rid of things that scream amateur, Super important elements that are often forgotten

The Blog Beautiful digital guide will teach you how to make your blog look professional without overwhelm or spending thousands

Everyone talks about how a professional looking blog design is a must when running an online business

Just one question – how can you get this without paying a designer and developer thousands?

The answer? The Blog Beautiful digital guide.

A guide that teaches you the exact steps to take to create a professional website that screams credibility to anyone who visits (and makes your heart sing when you look at it).

Even if you have an existing website, the Blog Beautiful guide will show you the key areas your blog can be improved to help you reach your business goals.

Each tip is designed to be done in ONE day or less.
You can pick and choose which ones to do or do them all!

No more waiting until you have the money to hire a professional.
No more feeling frustrated every time you look at your blog.
And no more embarrassment when someone says they viewed your site … and have nothing more to say than that.

Razwana Wahid of"This guide couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I am not a designer. Or a developer. I hate coding and feel like an idiot whenever I try. BUT with the Blog Beautiful guide? I felt invincible! There are tons of tiny bits of my site I wish I could change without hiring a developer every time (which I have done in the past). But now? I can structure anything in the side bar the way I want, change the appearance of images and buttons, and structure the header exactly how I like it. I feel completely in control - a feeling I like :-)"
- Razwana Wahid,

High traffic blogs have a unique design layout and design – there’s no reason why yours can’t be the same


Each new visitor takes an average of 4 seconds to decide if your blog is worth sticking around for. Nobody will take the time to overlook design flaws to see the value of what you’re offering.

So don't lose their trust by showing them an amateur blog or website.

You are a professional – let’s make your blog say you are too.

Preview the Book and Checklist!

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With this guide, you'll fix up your blog quickly and feel more confident about your blog and your image!

About the Author

Hi I'm Marianne Manthey

I have a degree in multimedia and web design from the University of Colorado at Denver and I've worked with companies large and small for over 12 years on both their brand design and online presence. I'm a design geek, color palette aficionado and feminine-design obsessive.

I now help women entrepreneurs on start-up budgets to beautify their own blogs DIY-style on

Marianne Manthey of teaches women how to beautify their own blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does my blog have to be on?

Every tip can be applied to any blog or website on any platform. A few how-to's are specifically written for both WordPress (self-hosted) and Blogger, but the design principles and CSS lessons can apply to any platform.

What formats is the book available in?

Currently the book is only available as a PDF download. I will consider creating Kindle and iPad formats if there is a demand for them, so let me know if that's what you prefer!

What if I don't like it. Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely! If you follow the steps in the book and don't have a significantly improved blog design by the end, just send me a before screenshot of your blog and your URL and you'll receive a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase.

Is this book only for women?

No. Although my writing and examples are written with a feminine angle, most of the principles in the book (and the blog) can apply to masculine design as well.


What People Are Saying About Blog Beautiful!

Blog Beautiful testimonial from Marylou Wade of Flamingo 91 -"Blog Beautiful is jammed packed with excellent web design information. CSS explained simply. Fonts. Headers. Footers. Images. Details. This eBook uses simple step-by-step instructions, it has video links to tutorials, and it has much more than 50 tips and fixes.

I stumbled upon DYOB last year while looking for good blog design advice, after spending way too much money for crappy information. I was pleasantly surprised, no thrilled, with all her information for the price of the eBook. Plus, I get one-on-one advice if I run into a problem—now that’s not something you get every day, and she has a DYOB Facebook group. It’s now my “go-to” for everything blog design. eBlog eBeautiful, a true ebook gem from a rock solid designer who loves her passion, web designing."
- Marylou Wade,

Blog Beautiful testimonial from Pam Bororo of Hey MissAdventures -"It has among the most detailed tutorials for getting your site as beautiful-looking as possible. It guides you through your journey of overhauling your site from top to bottom and DIY-style, too, so you don’t break your budget."
- Pam Baroro,

Blog Beautiful testimonial from Mary Lyndall of"Blog Beautiful is a beautifully written and crafted book that is currently helping me design the website for my new online business, Mary Lyndall Designs. After reading Marianne's book (and most of her blog posts), I found how easy it was to create the website that I want without spending any money. I'm so glad I found a blogger who stands by and can be living proof about what they write, and Marianne does both. I am so glad to have found Marianne and the design knowledge she brings to every post and product."
- Mary Lyndall,

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