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Relaunch Party Giveaway Day 4

Win a free WordPress theme or Blogger template! Part of the 7 days of giveaways for the DYOB redesign party!

Win a free WordPress theme or Blogger template! Part of the 7 days of giveaways for the DYOB redesign party!
We’re celebrating the new redesign of DYOB with 7 days of giveaways from 10 incredible bloggers! Read the full story and details of the redesign here.

Thinking about redesigning your blog but not sure where to start? How about with a new theme or template? Today we have not one, but THREE talented theme designers giving away one theme or template to one lucky winner each!

We have winners! Congratulations to:
The Dancing Panda for winning a theme from Cristina Web Design!
Anna for winning a theme from Restored 316 Designs!
Marie for winning a theme from Angie Makes!
So happy for all of you!! Check your emails.

We still have 3 more giveaways this week including today’s so don’t worry if you haven’t won yet!

I am so excited to be featuring themes from some of my favorite theme designers: Angie Baldelomar of Angie Makes, Cristina Jensen of Cristina Web Design and Lauren Gaige of Restored 316 Designs!

About Angie

Angie and her partner Chris founded Angie Makes in 2010 with a desire to create custom, beautiful, and feminine web designs for our clients. Their custom designs eventually led to the development of highly customizable girly WordPress Themes, clip art creations, watercolorings, and fonts.

Their small and diversely talented team consists of Angie who serves as lead designer and Chris, the ultimate WordPress guru, who handles ongoing theme development and support. You wonโ€™t regret using an Angie Makes theme!
Check out their shop of gorgeous WordPress themes.

About Cristina

Cristina is a web designer on a mission to make the Web a better looking place. She loves browsing and coming across great websites. Not just great looking websites, but websites that tell a story and are easy to navigate. Wouldnโ€™t it be nice if that included your site or blog?

Cristina does custom blog and web design, but she also offers affordable pre-made blog templates in case you need to give your blog a quick facelift. The templates are for both Blogger and self-hosted WordPress. They’re all mobile responsive, which means they look great on any screen size. And if you need any help, Cristina is just an email away!
See her shop of beautifully minimal Blogger templates and WordPress themes.

About Lauren

Lauren and I share a very similar passion: a passion to help other women start a successful business and/or blog! She does this by giving them a luxury design, amazing support, and affordable website design without the headache! She’s a mama who gets to work from home while providing an income for her family and that’s all she wants for other moms too. She lives and breathes design every moment of every day and itโ€™s what drives her to help others!

Since starting Restored 316 over 7 years ago Lauren has worked with thousands of clients from all over the world to bring their big dreams to life!
Check out her shop of incredibly popular WordPress themes!

What you need to know:

  • Enter all 3 giveaways today or just the ones you want.
  • Entries made starting now through 6am (MST) tomorrow (8/14) are valid.
  • Three winners will be selected at random on Friday and announced right here on this page!

How to Enter

  1. Go check out the themes/templates at each shop to see which ones you want to enter for: Cristina Web Design | Restored 316 Designs | Angie Makes
  2. Leave a comment below letting us know what it would mean to you and your blog to win a Blogger template or a WordPress theme (*required)
  3. Earn more entries (optional) from the Rafflecopter entry form below.
  4. Chosen winner’s entries will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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  • I would love to win Leaf Love for WordPress by CristinadkDesign ๐Ÿ™‚

  • We could really use help with our website design! We’ve used free WP templates so far, but none of them have accurately captured our girly, creative spirit. We firmly believe that a better-looking site will bring us more views and help us become more successful. Thanks!

  • Ruth M says:

    WOW!!! such a generous offer. It was really difficult to chose one theme only from each designer that I liked.

    It tool a while but here is my list:

    My website is WordPress

    Cristina Web Design: Love Leaf
    Restored 316 Designs: Darling
    Angie Makes: HoneyCrisp

    Thank you all!
    Ruth Molenaar

    • Ruth M says:

      Annnnd I totally did not read the instructions until after I wrote my comment, and then went back to mark as complete. So here is the rest of the answer

      To win a website theme as pretty as any of these, means I am soooooo much closer to my goal of getting my website up and running and my business started. I am almost done with coaching school, and for me, this will be my LAST career transition. I will be 50 in 6 months. my goal is to be up and running so that I can give myself the greatest gift ever: freedom from the corporate life.

      Its not the hard work, or deadlines or anything like that that bothers me–it is the mind numbngness of it all. A beautiful web desigh is a giant helping hand up to my next level

  • I’ve been having tons of trouble finding a good, free WordPress theme, and it has hindered me from beginning a WordPress website. Winning one of these beautiful themes would really encourage me to begin a website that I’ve been dreaming about for ages.

  • Raeshon = says:

    I’d love to win a new theme. I’m launching a new blog (coming Sept 2015) and I’d love one of the gorgeous handcrafted themes from Cristina Web Design, Restored 316 Designs, or Angie Makes!

  • Raeshon says:

    I’m launching a new blog (coming September 2015) and I’d love a beautiful handcrafted blogger template or WordPress theme from Restored 316 Designs, Angie Makes, or Cristina Web Design. i love Bright Bunting by Cristina Web Design, Lovely by Restore 16, and Meadowbrook by Angie Makes.

  • It would be incredible to win a new blog template! I have been trying to get a website up and running for the past couple of years, but it just hasn’t happened. I haven’t found anything that I love yet. The price of a stunning theme has not yet been in my budget, so this would be amazing for my business!

  • Annika says:

    Every theme is so lovely! Iโ€™d love one of the awesome themes from Cristina Web Design, Restored 316 Designs, or Angie Makes!

  • Trina says:

    I’d love to win a new design. I have one already from 316, but I’d really like to start a new blog with a new design and name and any of these would be perfect..
    I really like Leaflove from Cristinadkdesigns
    I truly adore Jasmine from Angie Makes
    I’d love to own Delightful from Restored 316.

    Thank you Marianne for the opportunity.


  • Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been a fan of Lauren for a while and absolutely lover her themes! Winning one would be fantastic and would mean a lot!

  • Pam T says:

    the designs are all so beautiful it was hard to choose just one.
    angie makes: jasmine
    restored 316 designs: sprinkle
    cristina web design: bright bunting

  • Thanks for letting me join the giveaway, Marianne!

    Just wanted you guys to know that my real Twitter username is @cristinadotdk – I think the flu got to Marianne, as the @CristelDesign is not my Twitter account ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Marianne says:

      IT TOTALLY DID CRISTINA!! I’m sooooo sorry ๐Ÿ™ I’ll see what i can do about contacting those who have entered so far to follow your actual account.

  • I have been eyeing up Restored 316 for a while now… it’s girly without being over the top and just the flavor I have been looking for. I would LOVE to win! And I can’t choose. I have it down to like… but keep going back to tasteful.

  • Megan says:

    I love the Restored316Designs themes, and I install them regularly for other people. I literally had the Divine theme in my cart and then saw this giveaway! Guess I’ll wait another day before buying- fingers crossed! My site is definitely in need of a facelift- thanks for the opportunity!

  • Nicole says:

    I would love to win one of these beautiful themes. I have spent literally months trying to decide on the right theme and it is totally paralysing my ability to write. I really want to get the design side sorted and get on with creating awesome content for my readers. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Diana says:

    We have one of Lauren’s themes installed in our website, and we were thinking about changing the whole look. So to win a WP theme would be great”

  • Carol says:

    I would SO love to win one of there gorgeous themes! I’m planning to get back into blogging in the coming months, as a place for my soul to share and rest, and would treasure one of these lovely designs.

  • Renee Hu says:

    It would be a massive deal for me to win a WordPress template, because I am having some issues with my current one not being great for customizing.

  • Tayrina says:

    Thanks for hosting! I would love to win the WordPress Theme “Graceful”by Restored 316

  • I literally spent hours looking over wordpress themes for my site and winning one would make it a little easier to get my site up and running.

  • Kristi says:

    I currently have an Angie Makes theme that has served me SO well for the past 1.5 years, but would love a chance to update my look to better reflect where I am in my blogging journey now! SUCH a fun giveaway! Thank you!!!

  • I’ve just launched my first ebook, and I want to upgrade my WordPress theme to something a little more streamlined again to help make my branding more cohesive.

  • Anna says:

    What lovely designs, ladies!
    I would love to have a template from any of these talented women.
    I’m launching my blog site soon and have been wrestling over if I should change my current template, but I’m just not in love with any of the free WP themes. I would absolutely love to win a template to help me start my blog off beautifully!

  • Anne says:

    I would love to win a Restored 316 design. I currently have Adorn and love it. What I truly love though? Their support. Hands down the best in the business. Doesn’t hurt with er that the themes are beautiful and easy to work with too!

  • I would LOVE to win Lauren’s Tasteful template for WordPress. About a year and a half ago I began a blog to share ideas and inspiration with other teachers using Blogger since that was a platform I was familiar with (I write a personal blog and a classroom blog in place of a traditional newsletter for my students’ families using Blogger). In a year’s time it’s become apparent that Blogger simply doesn’t give me the functionality I need for a blog designed to mentor other teachers, provide easier and more powerful navigation and features, and build a resource library. During my twelve years of teaching I have grown professionally due to the influence of other teachers and mentors in my district along with many other teacher bloggers in the online world. It is my dream to offer that same gift of mentoring, resources, honest discussion, inspiration, and professional development to other teachers as my way to “pay it forward” for what others have done and will continue to do for me. You may have heard that teachers tend to spend just a little of their own money on their classrooms, and this is true for me. In the last week I’ve spent $500 to attend an out of state workshop and another couple hundred on supplies and books for my classroom. Winning a template would be a great help to me as I continue the process of launching my new site as I’ve already invested so much in my classroom this fall. Thank you for your consideration! (Please note that I have purchased the domain for but have not migrated there yet as my WordPress site is not yet up and running. Content from my current Blogger site will be moved.)

  • Winning a new theme would ease the redesign I know is needed for my blog. I’m not very artistic and so design goes over my head. Tweaking a template myself is a lot of extra work that would be eliminated by winning a new theme.

  • I would love to win a new template because i have been searching for tips and tricks on how to come up with a great blog and i will actually be getting my soul into this all the way after my finals in nov so i really hope to revamp my blog with a beautiful new template & thus really hope to win today’s giveaway!

  • Meagan B. says:

    It’s been a goal of mine to FINALLY make my blog more of a part-time career and less of a hobby. My husband and I are working towards building a new home and I’ve always seen my DIY blog as a way to share that with my readers – a new blog design would be the perfect touch to showcase the building process!

  • Toyin says:

    Hi Marianne!!! I’m loving the new look! Everything looks so clean and professional!

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