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Hello and welcome to Design Your Own (lovely) Blog [or DYOB for short].
If you’re a creative female solopreneur who wants to learn how to DIY-design her own blog, you’ve found THE place for that.

I should make it clear: this is not a place for those who want to hire someone to do their design for them.

This is for the DIY designer.

Come in and let me show you around!

New to Blogging?

If you’re totally new to blogging and looking for a place to start, then definitely start with my Epic Guide to Starting a (lovely) Blog on the Cheap! Here I’ll help you decide which blogging platform is best for you (it’s not always WordPress)! But if you do decide that WordPress is what you want to go with, I will show you exactly how choose a domain name, select hosting and then get it installed. All in 15 minutes!

Have a Blog but Not So Thrilled with How it Looks?

Maybe you don’t have the money to hire a designer…

Or maybe you do but you are the DIY-type and just want to know how to make changes on your own…

Or maybe you just don’t trust someone else to create the vision that’s in that creative little head of yours!

Whatever your reason, YOU are the reason I am here!

Below are some places for you to start…

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Blog Design Tutorials

Learn to:

Monthly Design Topics on Join us for challenges, worksheets on different topics surrounding blog design like headers, sidebars, blog images, etc.

Monthly Blog Design Topics and Challenges

Every month (almost!) we have a new topic and related challenges where we all work together on different aspects of our blogs via posts here on DYOB and the DYOB: Blog Beautiful Facebook Community.

Past Topics include Blog Sidebars and Blog Headers.
Future topics will include Commenting, Post Formatting, Blog Images/Photography, Look + Feel

Other Series + Topics You’ll Find at DYOB

Beautiful Images for Your Blog
HTML + CSS Basics
Choosing Colors

To see all topics, see the drop down menu under “Blog” in the main menu above.


I wrote this book just for you, the DIY Designer

It’s chock-full of 50 tips to improve the overall look of your blog. Each tip has a tutorial or suggestions to fix the issues, such as code tips, design tips, resources, etc.

To get a taste of the book, subscribe using the form below and not only will you receive access to a sampler of the book with steps you can take right now, but you’ll also get $5 off the purchase price!

Or you can just buy it right now :)

Dear Marianne - monthly office hours for personalized blog design feedback. Every first Friday at!

Looking for Feedback on Your Blog’s Design?

Join us in the Blog Beautiful Facebook Community where you can ask for feedback 24/7. I also host Open Office Hours twice during the first week of the month.

Subscribe below to my VIP list and I’ll send you an email with the dates/times each month! See past Q+A’s here.

By signing up, you consent to receive email newsletters from me periodically.

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