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Create Your Own Styled Desktop Photos + A Deal Bundle

Create Your Own Styled Desktop Photos with the Latest Gorgeous Artistic Design Bundle from Design Cuts!

Create Your Own Styled Desktop Photos with the Latest Gorgeous Artistic Design Bundle from Design Cuts!

Styled desktop photos are all the rage these days.

They’re on blogs, website headers, Pinterest and more.

You want in, but you don’t have the right desktop, the stuff, the lighting and the expensive cameras to take your own.

So what’s a blogger to do?

Create your own with these amazing Scene Generators that are part of an even more impressive bundle of gorgeous and artistic design packs.

Ladies (and gents), Design Cuts has done it again. Just when I thought their bundles (and deals) couldn’t get any better, they come out with this one and (I’m not kidding…) I’m drooling over here! Oh and the $396 worth of stuff is only $29.

As always Design Cuts deals include extended licensing, which means you are free to use any item in your commercial projects.

First I should warn you that the mockup and scene generators do require Photoshop,* BUT even if you don’t have Photoshop, there is still a nice amount of goodness in this pack for you. Scroll down and check em out!

Although this deal has expired, I’ve linked each item below to it’s separate purchase page in case you want to buy it individually. Oh and this page includes affiliate links which means that (at no cost to you) I’ll earn a small commission should you choose to buy using my links. Read my full disclosure here.

Scene Generators

These are 3 of the 5 scene generators you’ll get as part of the bundle. Yes, you get all of them so the possibilities are endless.

Basically the creators of these packs have cut out various desktop items and placed them on separate layers so that you can choose a background/desktop surface, then select which items you’d like to display and arrange them however you’d like. This allows you to create an image that’s totally unique!

Art Equipments Scene Generator V3 by Mockup Zone

Art Equipments Scene Generator V3 by Mockup Zone

Click to see the rest of what’s included in this kit.

Custom Scene – Artist Ed. – Vol. 1 by Roman Jusdado

Custom Scene – Artist Ed. – Vol. 1 by Roman Jusdado

Click to see the rest of what’s included in this kit.

Mockup Pre Creator – Photographers desk by

Mockup Pre Creator – Photographers desk by

Create wall art mockups and desktop images. Click to see the rest of what’s included in this kit.

Watercolors and Glitz!

These two packs are also for Photoshop* only (keep scrolling for the non-Photoshop stuff) and please tell me these aren’t to die for.

The Glitz Shoppe by Nikki Laatz

This pack contains 140 glitzy Photoshop* styles and brushes. Anything by Nikki Laatz is worth having in your design arsenal.

The Glitz Shoppe! A whopper collection of 140 lovingly crafted Photoshop Sparkly Colourful Styles by Nikki Laatz

These glittery textures make me swoon!

Watercolor Bundles

This bundle includes two watercolor kits: Watercolor Painting Studio by Charles Perrault which turns any photo or logo into a watercolor work of art and Watercolor Sketch Mock Up by Mockup Zone which also includes a watercolor generator PSD file.

Watercolor Sketch Mock Up and Watercolor Painting Studio Vol. 03 included in the Design Cuts bundle.

Love me some watercolor!

Winter Collection by Graphic Box

You can’t get any more cozy with these hand-drawn rustic elements and seamless patterns. I can’t tell you how much I love these, I mean they include mason jars for cryin’ out loud! Here’s what you get:

  • 13 PNGs(300dpi /10000+++px) graphic elements(Black) with transparent background
  • 30 JPGs(300dpi ) seamless patterns
  • 8 JPG/PNGs(300dpi )card templates
  • 8 JPGs(300dpi )ready-made Card Designs
  • 20 Watercolor forms (300dpi /3000+++px) with transparent background
  • 13 Illustrator EPS(10) vector files with graphic elements(White)with black background
  • 30 Illustrator EPS(10) seamless patterns
Winter Collection by Graphic Box

I can’t get enough of these rustic graphic elements.

6 Christmas greeting cards set from Design Box

Watercolor is one of my favorite trends.

Gold Rush Metallic Textures by Studio Denmark

It’s no secret that gold is super big right now. Remember my tutorial on how to use gold in your graphics and logos? I am beyond excited about these high quality textures because gold will be part of my upcoming redesign 🙂

Gold rush metallic textures for gold foiling. By Studio Denmark.

Can’t wait to try out these new textures in my new design.

Rustica Vol. 3 + Birch Brush Font by Make Media Co.

If you don’t have Illustrator you can use the free program Inkscape to use the hand-drawn elements. Either way, you’ll get this high quality brush font free!

Rustica Vol. 3 + Birch Brush Font by Make Media Co.

I just love these rustic woodland graphics, don’t you?

Go Explore Nature Photo Pack: 90 Hi-Res Photos by Made by Vadim

Who can’t use more free stock photography? These gorgeous hi-res photos are from Iceland and Europe and you get 90 of them. Perfect for those large image backgrounds and quote images for Pinterest.

Go Explore Nature photo pack from Made by Vadim

Such gorgeous images of nature!

But Wait, There’s More!

Haha, I couldn’t resist saying that. No but seriously, there really is more. Check out the entire bundle over at Design Cuts now to see exactly what you get. The whole bundle is worth $396 on Creative Market and similar sites so you know $29 is steal.

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