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21 Gorgeous Script Fonts to Drool Over!

21 Best Selling Beautiful Fonts (With Web Fonts and Extended Licensing) Just $29!!!

What girl doesn’t love a good script font?

If you’re like me, you freaking love them!

How much would you pay for a gorgeous, premium script font?

Better yet, how much would you pay for 21 fabulous script fonts?

Well girl, I’ve got the deal for you because Design Cuts has really outdone themselves this time. I know, I know, I say that every time, but really I’m serious this time. Remember my script font roundups a while back?

Well this latest bundle includes several of those highlights. In fact, it gives you 21 Best Selling Beautiful Fonts (With Web Fonts and Extended Licensing) for just $29!

Um….. what????

Yeah. Seriously. It’s time to get on this one because it’s not lasting too much longer. 7 more days to be exact and I know and you know that if you don’t click over there right now, you’ll FORGET ALL ABOUT IT and then KICK YOURSELF next Tuesday when you wake up and realize you’ve missed it.

So yeah. Go on over. Right now. And get it. Then breath a sigh of relief. Ahhhhh……

21 Best Selling Beautiful Fonts (With Web Fonts and Extended Licensing) Just $29!!!

97% Savings!

I am so excited about this bundle because I’ve wanted Mercury Script for a while now and that font family alone is $80 ON SALE! Yeah so I already have one or two of these fonts (I used Isabella in my new ebook!), I don’t care. I’m getting Mercury Script AND a bunch more for just $29! That’s so insane I can hardly contain myself.

Yep, you save almost $900 by not buying these separately. That’s 97% savings!

How to Use These Fonts

To learn how to use webfonts in your own blog, check out this tutorial, How to Use Cool Fonts on Your Blog or Website.

And did you know that you can use any font installed on your computer in PicMonkey now? That’s right, you don’t have to get the premium version to use the good fonts. Just install any of these fonts on your computer and they will show up in your PicMonkey list of fonts!

How to install fonts on a PC.
How to install fonts on a Mac.

Which of these fonts here have YOU drooling?? Let me know below!

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